✿AUPRES Bloggers Pampering Workshop✿ MIVVA [ADV]

Finally, I will update on an event I went last month! It’s a very girly & pink event *smiles*
Invited by MIVVA to the workshop, this is an event introducing AUPRES beauty products. Beautiful reception awaits…. love the deco!

A closeup of the makeup sets! I’m so excited to look at the makeup sets even before they are out in the market.

Apart from refreshments & fresh fruit punches, we are treated like royal princesses! Perks of being a blogger 😛
There are different pamper stations during the event ranging from massages to tarot card reading. First stop, I went to the make-up station! Using exclusively AUPRES make-up products, they focus on highlighting natural beauty. This is what I like, because too much make-up will make anyone look older!
PHOTO session with Michelle, co-founder of the MIVVA box. How do you think I look after the make-up? *kisses*

Me & Chenelle babe *hugs*

Next I went to the skin consultation station 🙂
At the station, I’m able to test the texture of each product… this one is the texture of the Ultimate White Vitalizing Lotion. Feels smooth & non-greasy *the way I like it*
The second product I’m testing is the Aupres Sleeping Mask! I have this at home, so I know how well it works for certain skin 🙂
The texture has beads which will melt along with the watery substance, when massage onto skin!

Next, comes the hand massage station! I LOVE massages! And I tell you, their therapist is very very good at soothing the muscles on my hands *press it, baby!* This is the product they use to massage my hand *heavenly*

There’s also a tarot card session, but I didn’t try it out because I don’t really believe in such things. I believe in hard work & perseverance 🙂 So, finally, I went to the cupcake station! We can decorate cupcakes to our own designs *sweet*

Yeah, finally the event is done! Not only we had fun & beauty pampering sessions… we also have sponsored products from the event!
Here’s what I got *drumrolls*

Ultimate White Skincare Set! I’m so gonna pamper myself with this *smiles*
AUPRES Stay Luxurious Lip Glaze! I love the glittering rose on the cap
My favourite… The AUPRES Dimensioned Face Creator!
Thanks so much MIVVA and AUPRES! It was a lovely event & trying out their products was an honour. All I can say, AUPRES products are really tailored to suit Asian skin & they focus on highlighting natural beauty (Korean or Taiwan type make-up). I don’t know about you, but personally I like this type of beauty approach:)
To know more; check out AUPRES’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aupresmalaysia

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