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  • High Protein Chicken Salad – that’s not boring!

    High Protein Chicken Salad – that’s not boring!

    Here’s a high protein chicken salad – that’s not boring! I used to think that salads are one of the world’s most bland and boring food. However, after experimenting with different recipes and through some trial and error, I realized that salads don’t have to be boring at all. In fact, I crave salads from […]

  • Patin Fish Porridge

    Patin Fish Porridge

    Patin Fish Porridge also known as 巴丁魚片粥 is a quite staple dish in my household. I usually cook this either as breakfast (especially tucked at home on a cosy and rainy morning) or whenever I’m having digestion problems. As a fibromyalgia patient, recurring digestion problems are common therefore it’s always handy when I already have […]

  • 1-Pan Creamy Chickpeas

    1-Pan Creamy Chickpeas

    Imagine waking up on a lazy weekend and your tummy is rumbling for food… this 1-Pan Creamy Chickpeas recipe with bacon, sausages and eggs will be the perfect remedy! 🍳 Warm and comforting, this recipe is as delicious as any brunch available in fancy cafés ✨ Best of all – it’s way cheaper and you […]

  • Tips to Improve Your Mental Health

    Tips to Improve Your Mental Health

    Mental health is as crucial as physical health. Unfortunately, our mental health is being taken for granted just because symptoms of mental health are not as ‘visible’ as a scar on the body. Due to this, I have been suffering in silence for so long and finally, it took a therapist to help me start […]

  • Sad Friendship Quotes To Help You Move On

    Sad Friendship Quotes To Help You Move On

    Let’s face it, we all need friends. However, as I grow older, I came to realize that not all friends mean well – some even have ill intentions. If you’re currently experiencing a friendship breakup from that person whom you used to call ‘BFF’, I totally undertsand how you feel. Sometimes things happen for a […]

  • Fibromyalgia Ruined My Life

    Fibromyalgia Ruined My Life

    I’ll admit that I’ve been missing from YouTube (for months) and also very inconsistent in my blog (I’ve been missing for months too without updates, sorry). It’s because fibromyalgia ruined my life. Here’s an intimate look inside an ‘invisible’ illness that became a part of my life. The Beginning I have been suffering from pain […]