Beauty Affair with Mayfair ♥ ADV [competition closed]

It’s every woman’s dream to have a beautiful & curvy body. Not only that, every woman in the planet would wish for the perfect & everlasting youthful skin! Now when we talking about maintaining our looks, this is the answer I got: “I’m too busy” “No time.” “Lazy lah…” Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to judge any of you. In fact, I’m one of those girls who are too ‘busy’ to exercise & do facial daily#guiltyme #lazyme 
If so, the best alternative is to go for facial or weight management programmes in beauty centers! This blog-post is about my experience with MAYFAIR BODYLINE’s beauty services. I would like to thank Nuffnang and Mayfair Bodyline for this opportunity to redeem my confidence, youth, and beauty For this review, I went to the Pavilion branch out of the 31 outlets nationwide. To see which branch is nearest to you: http://www.mayfairbodyline.com/main/branches.php
Upon arriving, a professional beautician helps me to analyse my body & skin.
Based on the in-depth analysis, the beautician suggested me to do FOUR slimming treatments, and TWO facial treatments (Yea, jackpot!) Before anything, I’m given a robe to wear. Damn, I look like an overweight samurai. Nevermind, I #letmetakeaselfie first… A girl must selfie anytime & anywhere! #vain #bloggerstuff

First treatment is the Vibe Kinetic Therapy. This therapy vibrates the whole body as well as infrared lights that helps us burn the stubborn fat faster. This technology helps speeding up weight loss.
 Only 10 minutes on the machine, I was already sweating a lot! Also, my thighs and belly were jiggling like jelly. After the treatment, I feel exhausted (just like how I feel after jogging) the difference is, I was just standing there doing nothing (good for lazy girls like me).
Here’s a video of myself having fun on the VKT machine: VKT machine_MAYFAIR

Then, comes the SLIM MASTER treatment!

This is my favourite, because I can see immediate results. Look at the result below & you’ll know this machine’s a miracle. They did the treatment on my thighs, areas which I have most fat & cellulite.  

As you can see, the purple arrow shows that my thigh is smaller & tightened after ONE treatment. The pink circle shows that my thigh is smoother & less cellulite lines just after ONE treatment. This is only one treatment, imagine what happens if you go for more treatments? Ooh lala, hello beach body baby! 

After this, I was given the ever so popular CLA Chili Slimming treatment. CLA Chili Slimming is one of Mayfair’s most successful & popular treatment. The CLA Chili Slimming treatment is effective in rapidly stimulating the detox process & burning of fat tissues. Also, it helps secrete sweat to decrease water retention in our body. First step of the chili treatment requires my whole body applied with a special cream (below)! This pinkish cream contains essence extracted from chili pepper seeds & active elements in capsicum.

Then, my body is wrapped in plastic wrap! I am thrilled at this experience, but at the same time I’m praying that my boob won’t be flattened. No girl wants to lose fat from their chest 😛

After the spicy affair… I receive the hot hot treatment Heat Circulation therapy! A heat blanket is used to cover me (something like a sauna, only more comfortable because I can sleep). It helps relieve tight muscles, improve blood circulation, reducing fluid retention & detox our body. See how thick the heat blanket is (eherm, excuses to take selfie) #supervain #behtahan

During the process, the kind beautician helped me to take a photo. After the photo, I took a nap. The treatment takes about 30mins for me & I woke up sweating so much, it feels like I’m a slippery eel trapped in a sock *deep breathes*
And guess what. It’s not the end yet! Time for my facial treatments. I was given the Skin Rejuvenation & IST Detoxication treatment. Skin Rejuvenating helps anti-aging, moisturizing and repair skin damage. IST Detoxification give immediate face-lifting effect, restores skin’s natural lipid film and regenerate it’s barrier function, keeping my skin moisturised & youthful *boing boing*
I love the IST Detoxification treatment because it’s specialised. The IST machine tests our body’s electrolyte levels & then adjust it to match our skin (for better results). Here’s a video snippet of the IST machine – Mayfair!

The machine has a roller which detoxes & lifts my face.

Below is the comparison of the effects of IST machine. Left side is after the treatment, while right is without treatment. See, my left face is lifted higher! My left cheek is more obvious & fuller 😛

Anyhow, here’s good news (courtesy of Nuffnang & Mayfair Bodyline)
DIANABABE.COM is giving away 10 FREE treatments. How to win? Just comment on this blogpost starting with,
I want to have beautiful skin/body because…” The most creative answers will be selected for a FREE full treatment!Easy peasy, kacang putih right?

Before I end this long-winded post, I would like to express my feelings. My experience with Mayfair Bodyline was wonderful because of the personal stewardlike services, gentle massages, bottomless herbal tea, beautiful spa room, etc. Most importantly, I felt I was the most important person at that moment because all attention was on me, me and only me.  Ask yourself… Who is the most important person in your life? YOURSELF. Go pamper yourself today  


Visit official website @www.mayfairbodyline.com or FB page @www.facebook.com/mayfair.bodyline.fans

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10 Comments on “Beauty Affair with Mayfair ♥ ADV [competition closed]”

  • I want to have beautiful skin/body because I recently broke up with my boyfriend and I was really depressed for many weeks. I eventually gained 7kg and pimples started appearing so I look and feel pretty crappy. I’m trying to lose weight because I decided that it’s no use moping about any more. Hopefully the pimples will go away too 🙂

    • Hello dear Anne;

      Sorry to hear about your break up. Please don’t be depressed, I’m sure you deserve better *hugs* Thanks for joining… I shall announce the winner soon. For now, pls enjoy life & be strong babe!

  • Hi Diana!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a giveaway!

    I want to have beautiful skin/body because… it is what people see at the very first moment they meet you. Although it may be unfair, first impressions matter a lot in formulating a mental image of who you are. If you appear scruffy and unkept, that is the image people will carry with them and it is not easy to change once that perception is set.

    I had chicken pox recently and I’ve noticed how people would zoom in onto the black spots on my face and body. It really made me feel very self-conscious and uncomfortable. Here’s to hoping I win a Mayfair treatment and see if anything can be done about them.

    Thank you!

    • Hihi;

      Sorry to hear about the chicken pox issue, I understand how you feel! I shall announce the winner soon as soon as I get confirmation from Mayfair & Nuffnang. In the mean time, I wish you luck & thanks for joining this giveaway.

      Have a nice day babe~

  • Hi Diana! Chanced upon your blog while I was randomly browsing through blogs and I saw this giveaway so I thought I should join! 🙂

    I want to have beautiful body/skin because it makes me happy. I feel happy when I have better self confidence about my body or skin. In fact, who doesn’t? No matter how a person looks, as long as his/her self confidence is high, happiness will always be there.

    Thank you for sharing info with us and for the giveaway too! 🙂

    • Hihi Kar Yan!

      Thanks for joining! Be sure to check your email regularly & good luck!

  • I want to have beautiful skin because I want to have skin smoother than egg, fairer than Show White, and brighter than the brightest star!

    • Hello Tan;

      Your comment made me laugh! Haha, thanks for joining & good luck dear!

  • I would like to have a curvier and slimmer body so that I could fit into my pre-pregnancy clothings and be a pretty, confident and sexy mommy.

    • Thanks Jennifer for joining!
      All the best 😉