Beer Factory Opening @ C180

It’s Saturday night & Chenelle invited me to the opening of Beer Factory located just in Cheras, at a new “in” place called C180. We were ushered into the V.I.P area reserved for bloggers & free unlimited beer *hip hip hurray*
Photos thanks to Chenelle dear (chenellewen.com) as I forgot to bring my camera *hugs*

Being ‘caged’ in the V.I.P area is quite different. We’re sitting comfortably on sofas, waitresses standing next to our tables waiting to service us… while people outside were cramming & standing without seats.
HOWEVER, I think sometimes the real fun is outside, where the crowd is!
I guess we can say that… when we don’t special privileges, we wish to have it. But once we got it, we will wish for normalcy again. Such is life, isn’t? Humans are never satisfied!#Lovely decor at the V.I.P area, so much CNY feel#
The free flow beers are kinda wasted though, as both of us kept chit chatting & SELCA instead of drinking beers, we are not very good drinkers 😛

We even ordered food… glorious pizza! We didn’t know that the portion is so big, we actually stuffed ourselves to finish it *full full*
I gotta say, pizza is quite good in a place like this. It’s way different from PizzaHut or Domino’s!

Anyhow, I think that it’s cool that Cheras has more places to chill out. It means, there’s no need for us Cheras people to travel all the jam (and possibly jam) to KL or downtown areas just for a drink or two.
Here’s the map, check it out~
And here’s the promotion all year round for 2013 #cheers#
Enjoy your weekends & have a very happy CNY *winks*
May your days be prosperous and…..  it’s raining Gold! Hallelujah ♪ ♪

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