GIFs Of The Week #3 (ANIME Edition)

Welcome back to another Best GIFs Of The Week!

Do you know what I see in the mirror these days? A PROCRASTINATING couch potato (thanks to anime binging)… that’s why I haven’t been updating 🙁 So sorry… Warui warui 🙇‍♀️

If you have been missing out earlier weeks, check them out

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Anyway, since I’m rambling on about animes, this week’s theme will be Jap ANIMES 🇯🇵

Real-life footage of my Mondays.
When you’re friends with a pathological LIAR!
I feel ya…
Don’t need no bra for that… 😕
Only Sadaharu can look adorable while being violent…
Me every time at the grocery section: Where the F*** is that expiry date??
Yes L… Gimme that cake now! 🍰
Who says the perfect looped GIF doesn’t exist?

Gonna be back with more wacky GIFS next week! 😛



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