THE BREW HOUSE @ Sunway Giza

Yum yum if you stay near Sunway Giza, you MUST come and try The Brew House! Check out the extensive menu and good food  in The Brew House with your own eyes via my V-LOG:
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Here are basically what we had:

Bacon steak:
MY FAV dish in this restaurant! The succulent fat melts in your mouth.
In-house special PORK BURGER: tastes nice and the portion is big. You can share with another friend actually.
Lala noodle soup: The bowl is basically drowning in LALA clams. Very generous- the broth is one of my fav too.
Nasi lemak + roasted pork: This fusion is interesting, but beware as it’s quite spicy! Yum!
I know you might think this is weird… but surprisingly pork bacon & peach matches well! The sweetness of the peach brings out the saltiness of the pork in a perfect way!
Pork Gyoza; If you’re a fan of japanese gyoza, you should grab this!
What is a pork restaurant… without pork platter/ YUM, THE BREW HOUSE does match up to expectations all served in a small platter!
Salted Egg Fish skin with Pork Floss: Perfect snack with beer! Stays very crispy even after it’s served for a long time.
Feeling atas? Order yourselves the Seafood truffle fried rice. I really like how the truffle flavour was infused with the rice!
Soft shell crab salad: One of my fav dish too, the soft shell crab stays crispy despite it being served for quite some time, and the tantalizing ‘Thai’ dressing is a great way to go!
The Ultimate Buffalo fries: the fires were actually cut by the chefs themselves, not pre-order like others restaurants! The gravy is just DELISH!!!
MOO PING: Thai satay that’s very tender and also chewy! One of the best satay I had… if only the portion is bigger 😀
Nyonya Laksa Roasted Pork: Imagine creamy laksa + spicy siewyoke. I’m in love with the broth that’s not too spicy and the pork that’s crispy to the bite!

The Brew House also has SET LUNCH!

Check out https://thebrewhouse.my/ for more info!


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