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  • High Protein Chicken Salad – that’s not boring!

    High Protein Chicken Salad – that’s not boring!

    Here’s a high protein chicken salad – that’s not boring! I used to think that salads are one of the world’s most bland and boring food. However, after experimenting with different recipes and through some trial and error, I realized that salads don’t have to be boring at all. In fact, I crave salads from […]

  • Patin Fish Porridge

    Patin Fish Porridge

    Patin Fish Porridge also known as 巴丁魚片粥 is a quite staple dish in my household. I usually cook this either as breakfast (especially tucked at home on a cosy and rainy morning) or whenever I’m having digestion problems. As a fibromyalgia patient, recurring digestion problems are common therefore it’s always handy when I already have […]

  • 1-Pan Creamy Chickpeas

    1-Pan Creamy Chickpeas

    Imagine waking up on a lazy weekend and your tummy is rumbling for food… this 1-Pan Creamy Chickpeas recipe with bacon, sausages and eggs will be the perfect remedy! 🍳 Warm and comforting, this recipe is as delicious as any brunch available in fancy cafés ✨ Best of all – it’s way cheaper and you […]