ChatON Official Media Launch [ADV]

Have you ever heard of ChatOn? What is ChatOn?
ChatON is a communication app & is available on Samsung Apps, Bada smartphones, androids, Microsoft MS mobile & Apple IOS!  Users can invite and register buddies via Facebook and Twitter & amazingly they can share ChatON contents on Facebook. Among ChatON’s unique features are: create Animation messages which the recipient can watch, Broadcast to send personal messages within group chats & it has a Trunk which stores media that’s shared in chats.

It’s a popular app & I was more than happy to be invited to ChatON’s official media launch *thanks to Manoah Consulting & Samsung* Like the logo of ChatON, we are required to wear orange outfit! And this is what I wore (matched with a black skirt)… I forgot to take full body OOTD pic at the event *sobs*

I was late but fortunately, we’re not THAT late! Many people are still walking in & the first thing to do is taking pics at the photobooth!

Then show started and there’s amazing performances!Then comes the food buffet *yums* However, we do not have much time to eat as we took non-stop pictures… feeling fabulous!
Jyuri a.k.a Julie is the GT Racer Queen of 2012! Now you know why she’s so pretty & Japanese doll-ish *winks*
#Jyuri and Dianababe# (photo courtesy of mikeyip.com)

#Tan & Dianababe# (photo courtesy of mikeyip.com)
This hottie is the emcee of the night & a Radio DJ of Capital FM! I was more ecstatic that he knew my name before seeing me, because he heard my show on radio*happy happy joy joy*
# Joanna, Jyuri, Dianababe#
(photos courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/jazkhaiphotography)
#Jyuri, Dianababe, & darling Sandy#
(photos courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/jazkhaiphotography)
#Bloggers of Manoah Consulting#
(photos courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/jazkhaiphotography)

And the games begin! There’s a game in which bloggers are required to gather their groups & go on the stage! Guess what… These are the pretty winners (Ashley & Yeeing) of S3 mini *jealous*
And in the center is Don’s signature sexy smirk! *Ooh lala*
And comes the best dressed competition! Best dressed people of the party will be invited to the stage & cat-walk… and DANCE OFF! (photo courtesy of mikeyip.com)The winners are no other than… Sam the flipping fantastic dance machine!
(photo courtesy of ohfishiee.blogspot.com)
#Bloggers at the wall of fame# (photo courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/jazkhaiphotography)

After the party, we chilled outside!
(photos courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/jazkhaiphotography)
#Dianababe & Sam# Playing with his bowtie, it looks good on me too!
#Sandy & I still strutting it#
It was a fanta-bulous party & here is the door gifts I brought home a Samsung gift bag *show off*

My favourite… vouchers to free Starbucks! I’m in love~
Anyhow, if you haven’t got the app yet… what you waiting for?
Let’s chat on ChatON la!
For more info, check out Samsung’s website.

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  • oh hello there.. just realize dianababe is you, not really introduced. anyway.. hi 🙂

    • Hello there!
      Nice of you to pay my blog a visit! Hopefully will get to meet you soon, in upcoming events 🙂