Does Coffee Reduce Dark Eye Circles?

We all know that coffee provides an energy boost and also a myriad of health benefits such as fat burning, lower diabetes, dementia prevention and etc… but the main question for this article is: does coffee reduce of dark eye circles? ☕

The reason that this piqued my interest because there are so many articles online that says coffee (specifically grounded ones) works in reducing dark eye circles when applied directly! Since I always have sleeping problems hence my ‘panda’ eyes, I must try it ? Let’s do this together!

What Do You Need?

Just 2 items you need: Pure coffee powder and petroleum jelly.

You’ll definitely need a type of lotion/cream/gel to mix in the powder, or else it won’t stick to your skin. Though I use Vaseline, if you prefer something that’s not as ‘sticky’, I would suggest Aloe Vera gel (it’s as moisturizing, yet less ‘icky’ as compared to Vaseline).

When picking the coffee powder to use, make sure you’re NOT using:

  • 3-in-1 coffee with sugar or creamer. Use only pure coffee.
  • Black coffee, the darker the better (mine is as black as my soul).
  • Decaffeinated coffee – the reason your dark eye circles are reduced is due to caffeine. So if it’s decaffeinated coffee, what’s the point LOL.
  • Coarse coffee ground, as it will be hard to mix in lotions/cream. Pick finely powdered coffee!

Here’s the coffee brand I’m using: Kluang Arabica Coffee Powder (10% discount)

Here’s how to do it

Simply mix the 2 ingredients up! You might want to do it on a towel or mat, as it can be messy!

I apply this mixture where my dark eye circles are everyday for an hour (usually mornings after I wash my face).

Verdict: Dark Eye Circles Slightly Reduced!

As you can see, there’s some slight difference in terms of dark eye circles. After 7 days of using, it did seem to reduce – though not as effective as I thought.

So my verdict is that this coffee does work – to a certain extent. Personally, I’ve had more noticeable results by using products below:

Would you try it? Please let me know if you did 🙂

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