Darlie Expert White [ADV]

The quote is very true, but if you have ugly yellowish stained teeth… it is not pretty at all! Have problems with stained & yellowish teeth? Here’s an event I went to, which might help anyone to achieve that beautiful white smile!

Thanks to Nuffnang Malaysia, I was invited to a private event at the Press Room, BSC. This event aims to teach us a thing or two about white perfect smile, courtesy of Darlie’s latest range… DARLIE EXPERT WHITE 🙂

While waiting for the event to start… it’s SELCA time! This is what beauty bloggers do when we meet 😛
Cute Vivian, pretty Lumi, & myself (dianababe)

Diana & Cheesie (cheeserland.com)
This photo is nice, but unfortunately is blurry 🙁

Sazzy Falak & myself 🙂

Then the event start! Here, they are teaching us about the product’s knowledge!

 Darlie also invited our very own local celebrity Sazzy Falak for a short introduction to Darlie (and her secret to a pretty smile)

And since you are not there to listen, let me brief you about this wonderful product!
 The Darlie Expert White
This toothpaste contains Prophylaxis Silica-micro particles (PS-mp); an ingredient that is used in professional teeth-whitening process by dentists. This toothpaste also:

Forms a whitening shield
Helps prevent up to 80% of stain and tartar accumulation
Prevents damage on teeth enamel

As you can see from the graph below, Darlie Expert White also cleans & whitens our teeth 3X times better than regular brands!

You don’t believe it? Here’s a demonstration to show you:

Sazzy Falak did a demonstration of the toothpaste’s effectiveness (Just like the video shown above)!

Look at all the bloggers (including myself) who wants to take photos!

Dipping enamel tablets into black tea before soaking them in the toothpaste containers…

After dipping in different toothpaste, it proved that normal toothpaste won’t wash away the black tea’s stain as much as Darlie’s Expert White toothpaste!

When the demonstration is done, it’s time for us to be fed! No worries about anything we eat, because we have Darlie Expert White to help us wash out the stains 😛

 All of the bloggers that day! You should see some familiar faces, no? 🙂
Photo courtesy of Nuffnang Malaysia.

 And yes, each of us have a goodie bag from Darlie Expert White!

 For more information, do check out http://www.darlieexpertwhite.com
Or like their FB page @ https://www.facebook.com/DarlieMalaysia

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