We all know that coffee provides an energy boost and also a myriad of health benefits such as fat burning, lower diabetes, dementia prevention and etc… but the main question for this article is: does coffee remove dark circles?

The reason that this piqued my interest because there are so many articles online that says coffee (specifically grounded ones) works in reducing dark eye circles when applied directly! Since I always have sleeping problems hence my ‘panda’ eyes, I must try it ? Let’s do this together!

What Do You Need?

Just 2 items you need: Pure coffee powder and petroleum jelly.

You’ll definitely need a type of lotion/cream/gel to mix in the powder, or else it won’t stick to your skin. Though I use Vaseline, if you prefer something that’s not as ‘sticky’, I would suggest Aloe Vera gel (it’s as moisturizing, yet less ‘icky’ as compared to Vaseline).

When picking the coffee powder to use, make sure you’re NOT using:

  • 3-in-1 coffee with sugar or creamer. Use only pure coffee.
  • Black coffee, the darker the better (mine is as black as my soul).
  • Decaffeinated coffee – the reason your dark eye circles are reduced is due to caffeine. So if it’s decaffeinated coffee, what’s the point LOL.
  • Coarse coffee ground, as it will be hard to mix in lotions/cream. Pick finely powdered coffee!

Here’s the coffee brand I’m using: Kluang Arabica Coffee Powder (10% discount)

Here’s how to do it

Simply mix the 2 ingredients up! You might want to do it on a towel or mat, as it can be messy!

coffee paste

I apply this mixture where my dark eye circles are everyday for an hour (usually mornings after I wash my face).

Verdict: Dark Eye Circles Slightly Reduced!

does coffee remove dark circles

As you can see, there’s some slight difference in terms of dark eye circles. After 7 days of using, it did seem to reduce – though not as effective as I thought.

So my verdict is that this coffee does work – to a certain extent. Personally, I’ve had more noticeable results by using products below:

Would you try it? Please let me know if you did 🙂



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