E! Brand Evolution Party @ Vertigo Club [ADV]

It will  be a good day, because I will be partying red carpet style! E! Brand Evolution Party is going on & as member of MHB I’m invited to the exclusive invite-only event hosted by E-channel!

First stop, we were given exclusive lash treatments at the lash bar!

Waiting for my new complimentary lashes!

Now it’s almost done~ glittery bling-bling lashes!

Then we partied & mingled around…. woowoo~ so many celebrities were there too.

Ning Baizura & her friend

Amber Chia… very friendly as we chatted about our makeup & lip-gloss. Lol!

Zack Tan…. the guy from “Oh My English”!

And these are the rest of the hot hunks *dayumm*

Lovely beautiful candy model *I’m so tanned & short next to her, sobs*

There’s also a sky-high performance, if you know what I mean *winks*

At the end of the night…. we were given so many gifts!

Goodie bag from the lash bar @LASHED

Candies from the beautiful candy model~

And goodie bag from the event! Nice bags

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