E.V.E: The Secret to Radiant & Youthful Skin [ADV]

Received this package as part of a sponsored programme by E.V.E to review their product! Nicely packaged, here’s what I got!
Without further ado, I tried on the products for 3 weeks (I started the programme on September 15 – Oct 2nd) And let me show you my skin differences.
This is me before using the E.V.E System…
As you can see, there’s some freckles on my cheek, nose & pimple scars on my jawline…
Now what happens 3 weeks later? This is my face after the E.V.E System…
See, the freckles & pimple marks faded gradually 🙂
Now I can go out confidently without make-up 🙂
Amazing huh? Now let me introduce about the products in depth!
E.V.E ALL-IN-1 Bar (rm69.00)
This bar is HAND-CRAFTED to ensure quality. This bar consists of Austrian Deep Moor & Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Hydrating Algae Extract & Virgin Coconut Oil! These ingredients ensure the skin retains its youthfulness & healthy glow.

E.V.E 7 IN 1 Vsphere Serum (rm100)

This product is an antioxidant serum which protects skin cells from UV exposure & damaging radicals. It has FIVE main benefits- STRENGTHEN,  IMPROVE, LESSEN, EXPEDITE, BOOST.
Strengthen: Skin’s natural barrier is strengthened
IMPROVE: Sun-damaged skin will be improved & collagen productivity is improved as well
LESSEN: pigmentation & freckles will be decreased
EXPEDITE: Inflammation & wounds will be reduced
BOOST: Natural sunscreen properties in our skin will be boosted

E.V.E 6-IN-1 Day Cream (rm90)

 This cream focuses on revitalizing, smoothing, softening, moisturizing, healing & nourishing the skin. As a daily regime, it will help restore our skin’s natural balance.
Wonder how to use them all in one day, to achieve perfect skin like mine? Here’s the step by step guide I used myself 🙂

1) E.V.E ALL-IN-1 Bar for Cleansing: Dampen face, create lather on hand with lather.  Then apply and gently massage over face and neck for about ½ a minute, rinse off with water – immediately I saw my skin fairer.

2) E.V.E 7 IN 1 Vsphere Serum: Apply to the face and neck after cleansing, & the serum was absorbed very quickly into my skin.

3) E.V.E 6-IN-1 Day Cream: Apply to face & neck after E.V.E 7 IN 1 Vsphere Serum, and only use during the day.

 The whole set in total, if you get it all at once costs only RM229.
Now I can confidently go out without make-up! You can try it too… Here’s an offer specially for you!

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Special discount for http://www.dianababe.com blog’s reader

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2 October 2013

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1 November 2013

For more details, check out their website @ http://www.evemiracle.com.my



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