Ear Candling Therapy

When I was young… my mother used to clean my ears while I sleep on her lap, with a swab or a tiny hairpin. However, when time passes, my mother had weakened eyesight & those warm moments became mere memories. I miss those moments dearly.
Maybe due to this, I always have an inclination to have people cleaning my ears (the feeling is very warm & dear). That’s why, I would like to try a traditional therapy I never dared to try… EAR CANDLING!

I have always wondered how it was like to have a proper ear candling therapy, as I always saw it on magazines & spa commercials. One fine day, I decided to try it!
I’m gonna go through the process of ear candling with pictures of myself being “ear-candled”… if there’s such a word! The pictures are quite blurred (due to the dark lights in the spa room), so sorry! Haha, expert right? I manage to do SELCA even during spa. Some pics were taken by an assistant (she occasionally brings ginseng tea to me, so sweet!).
Anyways I AM NOT NAKED, it’s just comfortable to be under the sheets *ehemm!*

1# Ear candle is gently placed into my ear canal
I was biting my lips because it felt so weird, having the candle being stuffed into my ears (a bit forcefully).
2# Ear Candle is lighted up
When the candle is lighted up… it is quite scary! Because I can feel some heat & hear loud cracking noises! The noises are like mini fire-crackers partying inside my ear *scary*
3# Head & neck massage!
The best part is the continuous head & neck massage… makes me relax (although the crackling sounds are still loud)!

 It was a fresh experience & I can hear a bit clearly after the therapy. However, ear-candling is not for everyone, because it sometimes comes with side effects! Here’s a list of possible serious side effects doctors told me about this traditional therapy…
Possible dangers:
1- Burns ear, skin & hair due to the heat *hot hot*
2- Wax might drip into ear canal *ouch*
3- Ear drum might BURST *pop… you become deaf*

Anyhow, be careful & consider before doing anything. I am a daredevil (I always do things impulsively) & I was lucky my therapist was skillful *smiles*
Is there any spas or similar therapy you did? Do comment & share with me!

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6 Comments on “Ear Candling Therapy”

  • looks like a nice therapy

  • Never heard of this it looks really interresting 🙂

  • hahah not geli meh? haha

  • Kinda nice (and scary) but be cautious with the side effects! Thanks for reading *hugs*

  • This is very new to me too *shivers* Lol

  • Quite geli… and scary too. the noises go “pok pok piak” HAHA