Emcee @ Gintell Health Fair

Life had been pretty busy for me, juggling with my work as well as multiple things in my life. As of late, I’ve been busy doing some blogging & shows. One of the most prominent one is Gintell’s Health Fair!
It’s an honour to be able to co-host this show with Ryan – a popular entertainer (fan page @ryanstage.my) along side Gintell’s ambassadors Amber Chia and Dato’ Jalaluddin Hassan in person!

Can you spot me?

_Gintell2 _Gintell3

Anyway, if you’re wondering what this health fair is about, it’s actually Gintell’s effort in advocating health conscious lifestyles for Malaysians. Mainly, also to launch its latest massage chairs, DeWise Care Butterfly massage chair and Dé VanoS massage sofa! For more info check out: www.facebook.com/gintellmalaysia 

This massage chair actually helps to regulate blood circulation and enhances energy level, prevents fatigue and migraine, helps improve eyesight, and even aligns our hips and backbone structure 🙂
This dainty little beauty is so light and easy to move! For ladies, this is great because it helps to shape our butt and hips for that S shape 🙂 Also have heating balls to massage us, feels like having jacuzzi and massage at the same time!

The show was a success as fans get to meet both super-famous ambassadors. It’s an honour for me to co-host a show with an experienced emcee such as Ryan as well as alongside Dato and Amber 🙂
Time for some mingling after the show!

Dato’ Jalaluddin Hassan
Amber Chia

Thanks for reading & have a marvelous day ?



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