Emcee for WorldVision 30-hour Famine (DIY Camp)

Have you ever heard of World Vision 30-hour Famine?
It’s a charity event organized by a non-profit organization named World Vision. The aim of this event of to bring awareness of the organization & to make people appreciate lives. 
I already knew about World Vision years ago & started sponsoring a child since about 3-4 years ago. With only RM50 per month, I can make lives better, why not? This is my first  ‘daughter’ in Thailand 🙂

It’s not only about helping, it’s rewarding to see your money goes into helping a person flourish .. you ARE their chance in life. For me, spending Rm50 a month is not eating in my favourite sushi shop or massage for ONE day. Is that so much? I met many people that give excuses like, “Im poorer than them you pay me lah… You think RM50 is little? I got commiments, bla bla bla…” But think about it, will it really kill you to live without RM50 a month? Those children will die, not you. 
Anyway (just to show off my daughter’s drawing, haha)  I’m so touched to get this hand drawn postcard, although I don’t know what it says 😛 

 Since I was always a supporter of World Vision, I was more than excited when invited to be an emcee & ambassador for a local DIY 30-hour famine camp! Most excitingly, there are also other famous (and leggy) celebs who were invited as ambassador guests.  
Here’s the photoshoot session we have for the event *smiles*
Question: Do you recognize some of their faces? I’m sure you’ve seen some of them in magazines or TVCs 🙂 

 Well, if you don’t recognize all of them, let me break it to you individually with names & posters:
This guy is a famous photographer (https://www.facebook.com/Baddogz.JiN) all these pictures are taken by him. He’s also a judge in the Miss Malaysia World 2013 *bravo*
The rest… you can eye-ogle all your want *slurps* Beauties!

And finally, me. I am not going to post mine here, because I look so FAT and they look so much more prettier than me. So…. my individual poster will be kept a secret *shhhhh* 😛

Here’s all the camp leaders & main volunteers with the ambassadors;

 Okays, back to the event. On the day of the camp, I was the emcee (excited) because it’s the first time I hosted an event with 100% Chinese language. I do speak Chinese, but I can say my English is far better (I work in an English radio station, abuden). We played games & had so much fun. It was totally a great one, because the campers were all high school students, making it very hype & energetic!
Enough words, let photos do the talking now *lazy mode*

#Waiting for the event to start# Tralala~

#Time to get things rolling#

 #Time to play games with everyone & more piccas#

Can you believe it… we had a DJ console at the camp. Totally like a rave camp *giggles*

 Then on the final day of the camp, comes the real thing at BUKIT JALIL!  There’s bigger celebrities & all the big stars came to perform! I really ENVY the emcees who get to host this event at BUKIT JALIL, among them include Jinny Boy, MYfm DJs, Capitalfm’s Liang, & etc. Only get to watch from afar how amazing the Bukit Jalil event is, I dream that one day too, I can host a real World Vision gig in stadiums along side famous emcees. Well, I shall work harder *gambateh Diana*

Here’s some events at the BUKIT JALIL gig that you might find interesting…
Dancing dancing!

 Koujee the beatboxer! He’s so cool *hearts* The quality of this video is abit off though 🙁
Pretty Christine Fan…

Anyway before I truly end… I wish to express that hunger is real in most places & it affects them to the point of death. Here’s an inspirational video *grab some tissues*
  To know how you can help these children with only RM50 per month, please check out http://www.worldvision.org/ or like them on their Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/WorldVisionMalaysia. 

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