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Saturday, 28th June

How’s your week? For me, it had been so long since I had fun anywhere else due to midterms & assignments… I decided to find myself some comfort food that I missed a lot. This time around, I decided to gorge myself with Plan B‘s menu. This is just a simple blogpost; NOT a paid or sponsored review. I know I did quite a number of sponsored reviews (I apologize but I needed pocket money, hehe) but NOW, I just want to post something simple & impromptu that’s out of my own interest 😀

Chargrilled burger with sesame bun. The marinated chicken leg is good (though not emphasized in this photo, because I’m already eating it before snapping a closeup pic) *nom noms*

Salt Beef Sandwich. Personally, I find the taste kinda bland as compared to the Chargrilled burger. But again, it’s personal taste. This sandwich is good for people who like simple & healthy alternative to heavy cheesy sandwiches~
 However, I LOVE the sweet potato fries and the coleslaw served with it.
Lastly… was the ‘nameless’ sandwich. Lol, it’s because I totally forgot the name of this sandwich. I’m not a fan of pickles (not to mention this is one big ass pickle) So…. yea, that’s why I didn’t remember this fella’s name 😛

My favorite drink – Watermelon Lychee drink  ❤ This drink is a must order whenever I go to Plan B or Delicious.

Here’s one of the pastas that I find deliciously addictive! I know this Soft Shell Crab Spaghettini sauce might be fattening due to its creamy texture, but it’s definitely a fusion pasta I won’t find anywhere else. It’s a good choice to pamper myself (on a cheat diet day of course) ♥

Desserts are the best! No matter how full I am, desserts MUST COME!
Brownie… dayummm. Imagine warm chocolate with crunchy walnuts, melting on your palette, leaving a ‘chocolatey’ aroma!
Apple Crumble, crunchy bits with apple sweetness! What a beautiful sin!

Sunday, 29th June
Now the latter part of this blogpost will be focused on my dear friends I met on Sunday! It’s been THREE years since the last I saw ANGEL and NICKY *hugs* We had a great chat session eating sushi and non-stop refilling green tea to quench our talkative session 😛

During the long 3 years all of us were busy with our own lives; we fall in & out of love, we had problems & triumphs with careers, and eventually we embraced maturity in our own ways. Along the way, what’s really amazing was that even though we had our own lives & not seen each other for years… we can come back and still bond like close friends do. This is what I call true friendship, no matter how long or far, we’ll always be bonded by heart.

As you can see… we don’t change or age very much! Not bad, we can still ‘keep‘ maintain our body & faces 😛 Haha, forever young!

Honestly many people I know are fake & even pretentious (real world sucks) 🙁
That’s why, I learn to appreciate real friends more. And of course, Angel & Nicky are REAL and AMAZING  friends who I trust. At the same time, I was filled with happiness that they are doing well now; they deserve only the best & I will pray for more happiness in their lives ♥ I am blessed, thank god for such friends *amitabha*

Anyhow, I end this blogpost with my OOTD! I love the shorts & printed top (from
 I’m loving my shoes too, I got it from F Block boutique long time ago, I don’t think they have it on sales anymore 🙂

That’s it for today… thanks for reading & I hope you had a great weekend too!

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  • yum yum! im not a big fan of pickles too!

  • Haha… same with me *high 5*