Glasses… Delivered to Your Doorstep

How do I look? This is my first time trying on a pair of blue contact lenses from Freshkon! Many people said it looked green though, maybe because my naturally brown eyes changed the colour. Brown + Blue = green? 😀
Besides than having blue coloured lenses, I too have another new experience: having eye wear products delivered to my doorstep! Amazing isn’t? All thanks to the services of GlassesOnline.

This is the package I got, delivered from GlassesOnline…
Such a big package for a pair of contact lenses, shows that they take protective measures well. GOOD!

Anyway, the concept of having eyewear products delivered to your doorstep is versatile to the new lifestyle of people nowadays. Always busy with daily work & outings, we always feel that our time is precious. Now with the petrol price increase, going out just to buy a contact lens or glasses is time-consuming and money consuming! Therefore, having our daily necessities delivered to us is very both economically & time-saving 🙂

The website to GlassesOnline is http://www.glassesonline.com.my/ Below are the available products on GlassesOnline.
Contact lens or Cermin Mata

 GEO lens or Blincon or Acuvue or Bausch and Lomb or Freshkon
★ Sunglasses or Ray Ban or Oakley or Wayfarer or Aviator 
 Reading glasses or Glasses or Eyeglasses or Prescription glasses or Spectacles or Eyewear

You can also like their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/glassesonline.com.my

Anyway, as a token of thanks for reading my blog, here’s a shopping discount code for you to shop (when you spend over RM100) at GlassesOnline! Have a happy shopping!

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