What is Hada Labo? Hada Labo stands for a range of skincare products that reflects the philosophy of “PERFECT x SIMPLE”; a philosophy that aims to bring beauty back to the basics – perfect, simple and confident.

There are 3 different products under this range, aim to target different skin problems. After all, each of us are unique & have specific skin issues, right? The 3 products are;

  •  Deep Clean &Blemish Control Face Wash 
  •  Deep Clean & Pore Refining Face Wash
  •  Hydra &Whitening Face Wash

Below is my long review after using all 3 products for 2 months! 

Hada Labo Deep Clean & Blemish Control Face Wash

This product is great for people with acne & oily skin. It helps control the blemishes by preventing acne & sebum secretion. Although it prevents excessive sebum excretion, it’s also moisturizing with Wild Pansy Extracts as special ingredients. Also, it contains Salicylic Acid, an exfoliating agent that helps scrub away unwanted dead skin cells.

This is the first face wash I used. My skin is quite oily (especially if I don’t have enough sleep) and sometimes acne will appear randomly. So when I used this, I can feel that my skin becomes less oily & also have a smoother surface. Also, I like the shine on my skin after I use this product. So clean & shiny, it makes me feel fresh *squeaky clean* And also, this product helps clean well enough for me to have a better absorption of any skincare I apply after washing my face!

Hada Labo Deep Clean & Pore Refining Face Wash

This is suitable for people with large pores & oily skin. It prevents dirt stuck in the large pores, by deep cleansing & reduce oil production (thanks to the ingredient of AlpaflorAlp-Sebum). Also, it refines pore size, helping pores to appear less visible. This is good, because nobody wants skin that looks like the moon’s surface; from far pretty, but near it’s all holes -_- 

This is the 2nd product I used for this review. Similar to the previous product (Blemish Control Face Wash) this product helps my skin to be less oily. However, the difference is that this product also helps my pores to be less visible. I have pores on my nose due to blackheads (I press my own blackheads, hehe. I know it’s gross but I kinda enjoyed it); and after about one week+ of using this face wash, my nose is less oily & my pores became less visible. Normally the pores on my nose are big after I always press them, but my pores are smaller now. Still can see (if you use a magnifying glass) but no one’s that pervert to look at me so close, right?

Hada Labo Hydra & Whitening Face Wash, RM 20.90

Ideal for dull & dry skin. It brightens skin’s fairness with REGU-FADE (Resveratrol), which is a powerful ingredient in this product. It also contains Fucosorb (seaweed extract) that helps the skin cell construction, effective moisturizing & antioxidant effects.

Since my skin is oily sometimes, I only used this product for a shorter term. By using this product, my skin’s pH level seem to balance out, making my skin moisturizing level more balanced. Also, I maybe because my skin is not too dry, I actually skipped applying moisturizer after using this face wash (normally at night I apply moisturizer before I sleep when I use other face wash, to prevent drying in air-con room). As for whitening properties, I need to use for a longer time to tell if it brightens my skin.



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