Halloween Party @ Genting Theme Park

Halloween is just around the corner & party is everywhere! On a cozy Saturday, me & my pals headed uphill for the fun of the spookiest theme park in town! Genting vamped up its theme park Halloween style, with monsters & zombies creeping up behind you in every nook & corner!

Find it hard to believe? Here’s the pictorial testimony of my horror-filled night @ Genting!

 Chilling with pals before entering the theme park… Naive me, not knowing the horror awaits!

Upon entering….

Omg, bloody bears! Why do they torture teddy bears of all things *sobs*

Scary mime… she’s very cute though!

Zombie zombie! He’s kinda scary when he looks at me in the eye!

Fake bloody limbs…. made from softest cotton. Very hug-gable too!

Hungry! Human leg for dinner *nom nom nomm*

Creepy China Doll…. she’s sooooooo cute!

The woman who doesn’t know how to wear slippers.

No wonder she turned into an angry spirit…. imagine her frustration in learning how to wear slippers!

Horror movie night… where some of the horror movie characters come to life & haunt you!

Finally… after surviving the Halloween party, each of us got this certificate!

Have a fun horror time!

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1 Comment on “Halloween Party @ Genting Theme Park”

  • crazy thing— i was there that year, too. but i didn’t get any certificate. :c

    wish they’d make it a yearly thing. it was honestly so much fun!