Hyuejeong Energy Bio-Cellulose Masks [ADV]

Before I start my review, let me explain what is Bio-Cellulose. When I first received this product straight from Korea, I was bamboozled and curious as to what this term means. Whaaaat….?

After research, here’s my explanation: Bio-Cellulose is a natural fiber that’s at least 1000 times thinner than a single hair. Bio cellulose is optimal for skin as it’s extremely hydrophilic (moisture locking) with the capacity to hold water up to 100 times their dry weight. Its pure and toxin free properties are perfect for skincare, so much that Bio-Cellulose is used as artificial skin for burn victims & also used for plastic surgeries in Korea. Wow, ‘geng‘ right?

Now that we know that Bio-Cellulose is very ‘gungho’ for skincare, let me introduce to Ramco Korea‘s Hyuejeong Energy Bio-Cellulose Masks : Hyuejeong Energy Bio-Cellulose Eye Cover Mask and Hyuejeong Energy Bio-Cellulose Eyepatch Set

Upon unboxing the Hyuejeong Energy Bio-Cellulose Eye-Cover mask (as shown above), I find that it’s packed with so much serum (pic below)!

So much serum that it oozes out. I’m gonna use these extra serum on my BF’s face 😛

With key ingredient such as Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, Avocado oil, Shea Butter etc., the mask nourishes dry skin. It also adjusts the oil and moisture balance by moisturizing with hyaluronic acid. The mask helps to make skin texture smooth and glossy by relieving dryness of skin with superior adhesive power. In particular, the mask keeps skin moist until the next morning by caring for the areas under the eyes; hence the name Hyuejeong Energy Bio-Cellulose Eye-Cover mask!

The first photo you above, is myself using the Eye-Cover mask! My verdict, is that after using the mask for 3 days I felt that my skin is significantly smoother (normally when I wake up in the morning my skin feels like Sahara). It’s a good start!


Let’s move on to Hyuejeong Energy Bio-Cellulose Eyepatch mask (as shown above). It’s silky smooth and also drenched with serum!

Betaine & trehalose, widely known as natural moisturizing elements, help to maintain the oil and moisture balance of the skin and moisturize rough skin to make it soft. Vegetable extracts including mugwort, portulaca and trichosanthes root help to nourish skin texture. As shown below, it cares for the eyelids too!

My verdict, is that after using the Hyuejeong Energy Bio-Cellulose eye patch mask for 3 days my dark eye circles seem to be lesser.

Here’s my face without makeup, right after I used the masks. I’ll need to use Hyuejeong Energy Bio-Cellulose Masks longer for better results honestly- but seeing changes in only 3 days, it’s f*cking amazing.

Below are the main ingredients FYI 😉

They have a duty free booth at Incheon International Airport, South Korea too (pic below)! But if you’re not gonna be at the airport anytime soon, you can purchase Hyuejeong Energy Bio-Cellulose Masks at their website here.

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Website: https://www.ramcokorea.com

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