IRON MAN Mark 42 Prototype Helmet [Roan x Mithril]

Iron man mark 42 helmet - home

The moment when my boyfie sent me this pic… I’m thrilled. It’s the Iron Man Mark 42 Prototype Helmet (sold by Roan x Mithril Toys) ?  Thanks to my amazing man, now we can play Iron Man with a life-size helmet ?

dianababe - iron man mark 42
I had to make an unboxing video for the brand new Iron Man Mark 42 Prototype Helmet to show the world my excitement!  If you’re wondering what’s in my video, here are some teasers:

Iron Man Mark 42 Prototype Helmet
Opening… TADA!
Iron Man Mark 42 Prototype Helmet
Some fumbling and clumsiness -_-
Iron Man Mark 42 Prototype Helmet
And of course, can’t stop giggling like an idiotic child!

Want to see the real action? Watch my full Iron Man Mark 42 Prototype Helmet video:

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