JONLIVIA – BlazePants Brightening Series

Well, Melanie Iglesias is definitely one of my idols in fitness! Surely to start a fitness regime besides than eating and working out right, the apparel is important too!

Hence let me talk about JONLIVIA! Jonlivia is one of the biggest names that produces high performance apparel to fit sports enthusiasts. With their products ranging from shapers, tops, pants, and even sports hijabs, Jonlivia is finally releasing a new product – BlazePants Brightening Series!

It was announced during the #SlimplezyChallenge which happened just last week! Here’s a short visual review of the event that day 🙂

Winners, congrats!
Look I got a goodie box!

Here are more coverage of the event! Follow em’ on JONLIVIA’S FB!

Now what is this Jonlivia BlazePants Brightening Series all about and why is it different from other series? It combines the latest skin brightening innovation via Neoheat fabric immersed in distilled rose extracted from hundreds of organic rose petal components. Hmm… talk about fancy!

Also it contains MINERALS and Vitamin A,C,D,E which soothes the skin! WOAH woah, is it even possible? Guess we have to try out for ourselves to find out 😉

And of course, it brightens your skin tone!

Unbelievable right? Technology these days 😮

Wanna know more? Watch for yourself below 😀
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgRMc_5iUrM[/embedyt]

Here’s Jonlivia’s product page if you wanna burn off Chinese New Year calories in advance –> https://jonlivia.com/product/blazepants-brightening-series/

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