K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner [ADV]

I know how girls want to have beautiful bold eyes that stands out among the rest… and more importantly, eye makeup that doesn’t smudge or fade! This is especially important for me, because once I wake up from my bed & applied makeup… I will have to endure long hours outside my house with the same makeup!
I am a Master’s student, a part-time radio announcer (radio DJ), and also a blogger. Just imagine, once I wake up in the morning, I won’t be going home until it’s late at night!

K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner, Waterproof (Micro) – Jet Black
The K-Palette eyeliner is one of the best selling product in Japan, with 1 sold every 24seconds! eyeliner is what I will recommend, as I tried it on myself personally from morning to night (my usual daily busy schedule). Don’t believe it? Scroll down to see the proof yourself *winks*

Applied the K-Palette eyeliner around 10am…
Morning 11am: On my way to university

After class, I changed oufit & rush to TRAXXfm…
Afternoon 4pm: Working at the studio

When my job is done, time to attend a dinner party!
Night 10pm: The K-Palette eyeliner is still bold & beautiful, after the dinner party!

Isn’t a wonderful eyeliner? The black eyeliner remained as bold & outstanding as I applied it in the morning, all the way until night time (I swear, I didn’t re-apply the eyeliner)!
Here’s more information about the eyeliner….  K-Palette’s eyeliner has micro thin brush of only 0.05mm thickness! It is so fine, you can imagine creating mini leopard prints on you eye!

Here’s also why you should get K-PALETTE as your eyeliner…
– Super micro thin brush
– Water-proof from water, sweat, sebum
– Glossy black colour
– Removable with warm water

To know more, go ahead & like their FB page @ https://www.facebook.com/KPaletteMy
The K-Palette eyeliner is available at selected SASA stores @ RM59.90

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