This is going to be a long blog-post with many pictures & information! 
There are three sections:

  • Do you know KOJI HONPO? (history & background of the company)
  •  KOJI DOLLY WINK EVENT (photos & happenings on that day)
  •  KOJI’s PRODUCTS (detailed info on KOJI’s products – how to use, etc.)

Do you know KOJI HONPO?
KOJI HONPO is the company that produces the famous & popular series of Dolly Wink eyelashes. Now, why is KOJI so successful in developing eyelashes? It’s because KOJI is the first company ever to develop false lashes!

Many years ago in Japan, Geisha girls trim their own hair & weave the pieces of hair into strips of lashes. Then they will attach the handmade lashes on their eyelids. How creative! Therefore from such a cultural tradition, KOJI was inspired to create false lashes as a marketable revenue. Surely, KOJI also helped set an opportunity for ladies all over the world to have beautiful alluring lashes *winks*
From then on, KOJI became a success until today… creating many pretty lashes for ladies!
#a sample of popular range by KOJI#
In conclusion… no KOJI, no false lashes  in the world today!

Now that you know what KOJI & Dolly Wink is all about, let’s look  at what’s new at the event I attended!
#Little Pantry @ IOI Mall, Puchong#

Japanese hosts of the day: they are very professional & teach us about every product available (I will share the product knowledge in the final part of this blog-post)
Lovely, there were cute cupcakes!
And lovely cake! Sweet sweet decorations! This will be the sample of birthday cake I want *HINT HINT*

Each of us were given a basket of Koji’s latest products to play with *tears of joy*

Play time! Tralala~

Trying out their eyeliner *fantabulous*
How do I look? 😛
Now, trying out their mascaras!

And look at their brand new innovative way to test out lashes!
 This way, we will never buy the wrong lashes ever again!
They also did demo on fellow bloggers!
Another blogger after the demo… Can you see the differences on her lashes? Naturally nice right? 😀

And finally, we are served lunch! Now you see why is it so hard for me to diet? Bloggers are served endless food!
#Mushroom soup as starter#
Butter fish with peas! Yummy yum 😛

It was a fun event with Dolly Wink *thanks Butterfly Project*

#Gift products from KOJI, I’m so happy# 

 Now let’s go through the products one by one, shall we?

First product in my bag, EYETALK glue.
 Here’s a cute commercial from KOJI for this product! I love watching these cute TVCs 😛
What is it for? It may be used as adhesive for eyelashes & also to create double eyelids! It is latex free and contains collagen & ceramide extracts which moisturizes our lids 🙂
How  to create a double eyelid using eyetalk? Here’s a guide I got directly from KOJI
 Next product I’m going to introduce is the eyeliner! Since I always use eyeliner, I’m so happy to see this in my gift bag! This is a fine eyeliner which lasts long enough under any weather!
 Then, the famous DOLLY WINK lashes!
They gave me the No.1 Dolly sweet!
Since I do not have time to try it on yet, here’s a close-up of what the Dolly Sweet lashes will look like!
Can’t wait to try it on *winks*

The biggest problem for some girls is that they don’t know how to apply lashes! If you do not know how to apply lashes, here’s a clip from KOJI that will teach you:

Now… I shall introduce LATEST products!

This is the #Lash Concierge# lashes I got in my gift bag!
The Lash Concierge aims for ladies who wants a less-dramatic look, yet a beautiful & outstanding pair of eyes!
This series is suitable for work, formal meetings, or day time casual look 🙂 Below is the range of lashes available under the Lash Concierge series (mine’s no.3)

 Here’s a video featuring Yumi Hirano as their ambassador *pretty* She looks like a Malaysian, don’t you think?

Apart from that, KOJI also came up with a brand new eyelash curler: CURVING EYELASH CURLER
This is an amazing eyelash curler! Unlike conventional eyelash curlers that focuses on merely curling eyelashes into an “L” shape upwards, this curler creates a ‘fan’ effect! Here’s a collage I compiled to show you the effectiveness of KOJI’s eyelash curler 🙂
Best of all, it comes with a casing on its own! This is a video I found on YouTube (by some random girl) who bought this curler. It shows you in detail about the curler! She gives some good reviews too (though in Cantonese) 🙂

Before I end this blog-post, here’s a fun app you can play! Try downloading it & play on your phone or tablet! I’m sure you’ll have fun 😛
 To know more details, go like their FB page @https://www.facebook.com/DollywinkMalaysia & the products are available in SASA outlets!





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