Kokotel Hotel @ Surawong, Bangkok

It was late night, when suddenly bae texted me and requested for my passport details. Surprise surprise…
He says, We’re going to Bangkok baby! And so, we landed ourselves in a dainty little hotel named as KOKOTEL at the corner of a street @ Surawong, Bangkok. This hotel is quite affordable: Inclusive of flight and two nights stay, it cost us approximately RM1,000 (around USD200) exclusive of other extra expenses such as shopping and food of course!

FYI: My first time in BKK by the way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)




Upon reaching KOKOTEL, we’re famished. I ordered a pork sandwich with Siracha sauce ?


Unusual but appetizing mix: apple slices, pork, and Siracha sauce. The apple slices surprisingly suits well, balancing the spiciness and the heavy flavour of pork… giving the sandwich a zesty freshness despite drenched in Siracha


My man ordered the pork ribs. It is satisfying – thick spicy gravy filling up our palates, with each bite soft and chewy. The meat aren’t overcooked or too mushy, just nice. Hmm, spot on!

kokotel-pork-ribs pork-ribs-closeup_dianababe

The next day, breakfast was as good:

Egg Benedict toast with bacon. Totally egg-cellent.
Having eaten a lot of street food, need to calm my tummy down with some granola goodness. Particularly likes the pomegranate bits and blueberries. It worked like a charm in easing my tummy discomfort 🙂

Check out my food v-log:

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Only 2.6km from the city center, there are convenient stores and small eateries (open in the mornings on weekdays, mostly catering to working people nearby) just 5 minutes walking distance away. And if you plan to go anywhere far, there will always be tuk-tuk rickshaws in front of the hotel – but I strongly suggest that you should take UBER instead (cheaper, safer, and polite drivers).

Check out my v-log tour of the hotel:

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I’m gonna update on the rest of my trip in BKK real soon, as it’s too much to be insert into one single article. For now, feel free to drop your comments or pm me if you want more details on the hotel – I’ll be delighted to help!

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