LACELLE™ Dress up your eyes with Jewel & Diamond!

C’mon, let’s be honest with ourselves ladies. We’re all (most of us, I’ll say) guilty of enhancing our eyes with beauty apps to make them BIGGER and WIDER! Meitu… Meipai… BeautyPlus… *coughs*
But what if your ‘friends’ are the ones who took the picture? Or worse… they uploaded your ‘unedited’ pic without telling you?! Oh such tragedy, now everyone is going to see the difference ?


Fret no more babes. Ever heard of LACELLE contacts? Not those Tinder or FB contacts you saved on your phone & never call… I’m talking about those which you open your eyes wide and stick it on your eyeball. Yup, they’re the worse but made us all look so good.

Although this is a SPONSORED post, I’ll be honest and make it clear: LACELLE did make me feel prettier and I worry less if evil acquaintances decide to upload my worse pictures. Come at me, you can’t tag me in ugly pics anymore *flips hair*

First colour I tried from LACELLE is the Diamond series’ Pink Rose. Unlike what you think (which I imagine before) I don’t have weird ‘pink panadol’ strawberry coloured eyes – in fact it looked kinda natural.

LACELLE Diamond RM 42 (10 pieces) RM 110 (30 pieces)
Left: Without lens Right: With LACELLE lens
Wore LACELLE for clubbing – feels comfortable and definitely my eyes stood out even under dim lighting.

The 2nd colour is from LACELLE’s Jewel series. Look at the comparison with and without below, astounding huh?

Sapphire Blue
LACELLE Jewel RM 68 (2 pieces)
Left: Without lens Right: With LACELLE lens
Wearing LACELLE makes even the simplest outfit & minimal make-up stand out.

LACELLE contacts are available at all major optical stores nationwide 😉
For more info: http://lacelle.com.my/


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