♥ Lunasol Makeover @ Kanebo♥

Was invited by Nuffnang for a personal makeover session sponsored by Kanebo International in Bangsar. I was lucky enough to be given a makeover session personally by the reknowned makeup artist, Mr.Shunichi Suzuki using only LUNASOL products.

Here’s the process of my makeover.
Since I’m having a makeover, I couldn’t take some pics myself. A special thanks to Chenelle ( for providing me beautiful pics of myself *hugs*
After makeover… *shining*
What’s your verdict, you like my makeup? Do I really look sexy cute, as my makeup should be? Below is the ‘before & after’ my eyes got makeup from Suzuki San. Compare the differences yourself (both pictures were taken with different cameras, so pardon the discrepancies, hehe)!
Before (without makeup)
After makeup
Here’s some of the range of Lunasol products he used in my makeover… Rosy tinted makeup base, this is a huge hit with Japanese youths. This makeup base gives your face a natural rosy glow from within, kawaii-ne!

This foundation is very creamy & it blends perfectly with our skin. As you can see from my makeover photos, my skin looks naturally flawless thanks to Lunasol foundation *hurray*

Lunasol eyeshadow. Very glittery & shimmery, this beautiful palette provides all the basic shades needed for a perfect look.

Cheeks blusher, perfect for any skin tone!

Beautiful lips… gotta try lipsticks from Lunasol. Also, they have a combination of lip gloss + lip stick, both in one! Must try the ranges of the beautiful shimmery sticks!

Since it’s Christmas & your boyfriend is asking what you want? Why not tell him… “I want a Lunasol Limited Edition compact powder!”
Check out with Kanebo/Lunasol outlets to know more about these limited beauties. Each year, there’s a limited edition compact with unique angels on them!

Or, this limited edition Lunasol PARTY COFFRET is also a great choice for christmas shopping! Check out Kanebo counters/ outlet for more info.
Everyone with Suzuki San *smiles*
Guests who were invited to the makeover session, each of us received a goodie bag *happiness*

Diana, Jenn & Chenelle
Upon reaching home, I have to ransack my goodie bag & take pictures of it to show off… i mean, share! Wuhoo~
I am ecstatic to receive all these, simply the best way to end my year ‘beautifully’.
So ladies, now you know what to ask for this x’mas *winks*

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