Magnum Chocolatier Collection [ADV]

Good news chocolate lovers… Magnum launched two new flavours to their chocolatey affair; Magnum Chocolate Brownie & Magnum Strawberry!
#I was more than ecstatic to be invited to this event, thanks Don#
Magnum is use one of the top notch ice creams in the industry, and to prove it Magnum decides to celebrate launch of the ice cream in a fashionable & glamorous way!  Collaborating with a local designer, the MAGNUM CHOCOLATIER COLLECTION by Jovian Mandagie was created. The main aim of this launch is to show the public that Magnum is not only an ice cream, it’s also an epitome of appreciating good taste & high fashion. 

Most exciting of all, there will be dresses made entirely out of chocolate!
At the fashion show, we were ushered & seated just before the runway! Surely, nothing is complete without SELCA *smooches*
#Pretty Joanna & me#

#Yummy Magnum!#

As for this guy, I guess you knew his name *winks*

The fashion show begins! There are a lot of dresses, however, these three are my favourite ones *beautiful*
And interestingly, their earrings are all chocolate!

Finally, DRESSES made from CHOCOLATE of the new flavours; Magnum Chocolate Brownie & Strawberry!
#Miss Magnum Brownie#

#Miss Magnum Strawberry#

Can you imagine, wearing a dress made of wholly chocolate & parade under the limelight? Surely a sweet body they’ll have afterwards *oops, I made it sound so kinky* 

 Anyhow, after the show, we had more Magnum to eat, in fact it’s unlimited Magnum to eat!!
Chocolates fondue fountain just for you to dip & create your own Magnum!

Such a pity though, many of the girls get to bring loads of Magnum ice cream chocolate home while Melissa & I ended up with no Magnums left to take *sobbing*

Want to see the chocolate dresses for yourself? Of course you can~

Magnum Chocolate Dresses will be on display in Gardens Mall (Magnum’s Gallery) from 11th to 31st March!

For more info, check out www.facebook.com/Magnum 


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  • does it melt? >.<

  • I don’t know~ LOL!