✿ MaryQuant beauty workshop ✿ [ADV]

Been invited to the Mary Quant workshop at MUSE in Sunway Pyramid (thanks Manoah) to try out Mary Quant’s range of makeup products! Upon reaching, it was lovely to see all the makeup products beautifully arranged for us to try.

There are 16 shades of blushers to choose, from soft natural colours to bright colours to match any skin tone.

Trying out the blusher! I loved the lighting in the place, makes any pictures look pretty & bright *winks*

The cream foundation is very smooth & glossy; also non-greasy & will not clog pores at all.
And they also have skin care products called “Special Recipe” for smoother & moisturized complexion. It’s made from essence of honey, daisy, chamomile &  rosemary.

Here’s the close up of Mary Quant’s mascaras! I find them very interesting because of the specialized brush design, as well as the unique colourful choices. Not many beauty brands offer such vibrant colours in the market (so vibrant & trendy) 😀
And there’s also a demonstration of the products, by a Japanese make-up artist on a model. Such a petite & cute model 😛
Here’s the model close-up! She looks so young & her skin is flawless, what a wonderful job the make-up base & foundations did!
Then finally time for us to social around & play make overs! Feels like we’re back in childhood, all playing make-up on each other #photo credit to JOSARINE.COM#
Photo with Joanna, Cindy & myself (my shopping kakis! Love these girls)
Photo with ILLY (she’s so friendly & cheerful)

Talking with the Japanese representatives, I found out that their lipsticks are popular in Japan! The translucent sweet colours are what every girl needs for all occasions.

Another thing that I really like is the Colour Shine for lips, glossy indeed! Pout those lips, honey!

Finally, when the event was over… there’s sponsored goodie bags as usual. Love my life!
Ever since becoming a blogger, I didn’t buy my own makeup & beauty products for a long time *

The cupcake is Mary Quant’s brand logo ✿

For more details, check out http://www.maryquant.co.uk/

You can check out Mary Quant’s products at MUSE by Watsons, in Sunway Pyramid shopping mall!

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4 Comments on “✿ MaryQuant beauty workshop ✿ [ADV]”

  • it was nice meeting you in person on that day babe 🙂 Hope we can meet again in the future!

  • I want some Mary Quant!! and want to meet u in person on eday in futuren

  • It’s very very nice meeting you too! *hugs*

  • U too, babe!