MILO® Fuel for Champions Launch [ADV]

I’m sure being a Malaysian, you definitely drank MILO® before. If not, you are not a real MALAYSIAN! Go back to the moon or outer-space where you came from 😛

Anyway, since you drank MILO® (most of use still drink everyday) do you know the history & the story behind this household drink?
It was first introduced in Malaysia in 1950. Over 6 decades of providing Malaysians with energy & nutrition at home, MILO® is famous for its nutritional value & tasty, chocolaty malt flavour. For all the years, this brown drink is the most popular breakfast culture for Malaysians. MILO® is very nutritious as it’s processed & made from PROTOMALT (energy boosters) & ACTIGEN-E (8 vitamins and 4 minerals that gets energy from food consumed). Not only providing nutrition, MILO® too influenced Malaysian’s culture in sports by taking an active part in nurturing young local sport talents.
Talking about MILO®’s commitment to help Malaysia’s young sports people excel, let’s focus on their latest campaign which aims young aspiring sport talents; the MILO® Fuel for Champions Launch.

MILO® Fuel for Champions Launch (5 September 2013, Bukit Jalil)

Normally sleeping late in the weekdays, I woke up really early on a lovely (yet rainy) Thursday morning to attend an energetic event with Milo!
Green eyes for green event *vain me*

The event was kicked start by YB Encik Khairy Jamaluddin, Minister of Youth and Sports Malaysia (he is a very inspiring & good speaker!)

It was really a prestigious event as many famous sports people were present too; Yong Shin Min (National Basketball Team), S. Kannathasan (National Relay Runner), Muhammad Hakimi Ismail (National Triple Jump Athlete) and Khoo Cai Lin (National Swimmer).

Now, what does this MILO “Fuel for Champions” campaign for? MILO® jointly launched this campaign with the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM), with the purpose to influence & support young sport talents to easier achieve goals & success in their younger years as well as to inspire parents to instill & encourage their children’s participation in sports.This campaign too aims to support fellow local sport talents who will be joining the Malaysian Contingent for the 27th SEA Games in Myanmar.

The favourite thing I find about the launch is the performance by the National Synchronized Swimming Team of Malaysia! They are so energetic in their performance; maybe they drink tons of MILO® every day *amazed*
Pic: Pretty ladies showing off their skills & *ehemm* fit bodies; me so jealous

After the event, there’s lunch buffet! ENERYGY FOOD! This is the best thing about being bloggers- we’ll never go hungry *noms noms*

Anyway, this launch has made me understand that MILO® is beyond what it seems to be on the surface. Despite being only merely a tasty drink, it’s a nutritious supplement for active youngsters, as well as a core of nurturing Malaysian young sport talents to come out from their shell & become potentials of national champions. Hurray, MILO®! Let’s all show support for Malaysian pride in sports, especially in the upcoming Malaysian Contingent for the 27th SEA Games in Myanmar! PS: Did you have your dose of MILO® today?


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