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Mouth is very important for everyone. It’s where we enjoy good food (how do you enjoy your favorite food with ulcers?), it determines our social lives (whether our breathe smells or not; who wants to talk to a foul-breathed person? Eww), and definitely creates a positive image if we have beautiful pearly whites.
#me in my widest smile# 😀
 Now, it’s troublesome to take care of so many aspects of our mouth, not to mention the number of products we will need to buy just for one mouth! But what if I tell you, any problems can be solved with just one product you must use- TOOTHPASTE.

Let me introduce TruCare’s Nano Silver toothpaste!
Ag+ RapidHeal Factor is a formula containing sub-microscopic silver particles that functions as effective anti-microbial and healing agents. Therefore, TruCare’s Nano Silver toothpaste which has the Ag+ RapidHeal Factor, will help us get rid of microbes, bacteria, germs as well as promoting natural healing process as part of our mouthcare routine.
As part of a review, I received a tube of Nano Silver toothpaste to try (thanks to Manoah)
Anyway, I used the toothpaste after my Penang trip *makan makan* When in Penang, I ate Char Kuey Teow & Asam Laksa daily (now I feel hungry typing this) because I love hot & spicy food! So as expected, when I’m back to KL, my gums swell painfully. Also, a little ulcer grew in my mouth *ouch*

When back in KL, I used the toothpaste daily in pea-sized portions.
I know my toothpaste looks squished & flat, because I like to spread my toothpaste flat all over my toothbrush like how I apply kaya on roti. Better coverage, right? 😛

As I said earlier… my gums swell &  sore, and there’s a little ulcer due to heaty food & scorching HOT weather in Penang. So I used TruCare’s Nano Silver toothpaste for a week.
What do I get after using Nano Silver toothpaste?

1) My little ulcer is healed
2) My gums stopped feeling sore & swelling reduced
3) I stopped using mouthwash because this product alone keeps my breathe fresh 
Amazing isn’t it? It may look like another minty white toothpaste off the shelf, but if you want more than merely cleaning your teeth (added healing & protective measures for your mouth) you should give this product a chance 🙂
Where to buy? Here’s some details:
 To get to know about TruCare’s Nano Silver toothpaste more personally, check out their website @http://www.trucare.com.my or fanpage @ https://www.facebook.com/TruCareMalaysia (there’re special promotions & free samples, so please be quick while it lasts)



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