MTV World Stage 2013 @ Sunway Lagoon [ADV]

MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013 is back & this year I got free passes! *dances*

Look at the crowds of people at the entrance!
This year the MTV World Stage presents all-male performers (testeronic show indeed, haha)with Robin Thicke, Far East Movement, EXO and Joe Flizzow! Unfortunately though, I was kinda late because I had to attend an event earlier. Therefore, I missed out Joe Flizzow & EXO.
Nevermind though, I went in just in time to watch Far East Movement! Woah woah… My favourite group *cheers*

Woah, such an amazing party & crowd… We were all jumping up & down *rave*
Far East Movement played a total of 12 tunes, ranging from Ain’t Coming Down X Wild Things, Like a G6, Illest, So What, If I was You, Jello, Change Your Life, Get Up (Rattle), Rocketeer, Live My Life, Rocketeer (remixed with Alicia Keys’ No One), and my favourite… TURN UP THE LOVE! The most entertaining part was when DJ Virman put on a ‘duck-head’ costume, during the song Get up (rattle), and they threw a large rubber duck below! Also, Prohgress suddenly jumped and fall onto the crowd!
Here’s me enjoying the performance 😛

Very soon it’s their time to leave. It was so sad when Far East Movement left the stage *sobs*
While waiting for the next performer to arrive… we got bored & I took some opportunity to take cute photos with the props *cheeky* Now I want a pink bike too! Saves petrol right? 😉
And here’s a super candid… while I was posing on the bike… Sky decided to a photo of my legs!
He said, “Nice legs, must take pic!” Arrr, darn it. Means my legs better than my face? LOL
Sky’s turn to play with props… trying to make the ‘like’ sticker as his hand *silly* yet creative! Of course he’s creative, he’s a CREATIVE DIRECTOR 😀 He always help me in my website & domain even though he’s busy as hell with his own work
*thanks from the bottom of my heart*
Anyway, finally comes sexy Robin Thicke! There were some technical problems but despite the drizzle & wait, Robin Thicke was worth waiting for. Such sensational voice!
He performed Give It To You, Take It Easy on Me, Feel Good, Oh Shooter, Lost Without U, Shaking It For Daddy & his best song ever, Blurred Lines!
One of the things which inspired me most during his performance is his encouraging words to us all… He said that we should never give up our dreams even if it comes late or when we’re older, it will come. This is very inspiring for me, because my dreams seemed to take forever to start & I’m not getting any younger. Hopefully what he says is true, I won’t give up on my dreams too 🙂 

Before I leave the party, I must take a photo of this nice yellow car! When will I ever get a car? *sniffs* Oh wait, I don’t even know how to drive! 😛

Anyhow, it’s a fun party and I can’t wait until next year’s MTV WORLD STAGE! Tralala~
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