Family Day @ IKEA (>‿◠)✌  

Family is important and friends… no matter how busy you are… you should must take the effort to spend time with your family at least once a week!
It’s Sunday and as usual, it’s family day for me! Its time to go enjoy Swedish meals at IKEA!

dianababePardon my tired face… I’m still so tired because Saturday night I went out for a drink, barely enough sleep!

Me & mama *muacks*

Me & daddy *smiles*

IKEA is not only a great place for food! There’s also toys toys & toys!
Totally unlocks my inner child *sweetness*
I love the IKEA dog!!
dianababeAnd check out the X/mas tree at IKEA! It’s… *sniffs* made of toys!
Dogs on death sentence in the  name of X’mas… Trolol~
Meet my nephew * I don’t know how to carry babies, pardon me*

Family day is always fun & make sure you spend tie with your families every week!

And on an unrelated note.. just wanna share…  my super-cute Superman earrings!

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