Party Events: JW Circuit Lounge & Passion for Fashion 2013 [ADV]

It’s been so long that I didn’t update my party events for the past months. I have been invited to JW Circuit Lounge & Passion for Fashion! All thanks to Manoah Consulting!

Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge (March)
Bear with me in the pictures for this event. I was not wearing full makeup (explains my dull face) & I was under-dressed as I rushed from my studio to the event! Anyhow, I do not have transport to Subang Skypark terminal… thank god, my good friend Sky Yau is willing to fetch me & waited me for 2 hours outside, so that I can attend the event *thanks so much*
We were given VIP passes to the event, thanks to Leng Yein & Donovan (Manoah Consulting)
Sandy Ryan & me (photo thanks to Jaz Khai)#Photo credit to mikeyip.com#
The Johnnie Walker cream tarts was delicious! Not too much alcohol, yet enough to make my senses tingle!
I LOVE the Johnnie Walker LONGAN COCKTAIL!
Oooh… I miss it so much (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘) ♥

Passion for Fashion 2013 (April)

Located at Butter Factory, KL… it was an affair of fashion, party & beautiful people! Thanks to Don (Manoah Consulting) I get to party in VIP style once again! I didn’t get to take many photos & I missed the fashion runway show because I was late *sobs*
So here’s some SELCA I manage to take… Me (dianababe) & Sandy Ryan #photo credit to Dandy Ong#
Me & pretty SamanthaMichael, handsome driver for the night *thanks so much*
Photos credited to JazKhai

It was nice to meet lots of people and to party in VIP style!
Anyhow, from the pictures & it’s evident that I MUST DIET & WORKOUT! I gained so much weight -__-
I’ll start my diet regime soon… hope to see you in a slimmer mode soon *winks*

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