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If you are an avid blog reader of mine, you will know that I talked about Ms. Rosy in one of my posts: http://dianababe.com/ms-rosy-loreal-paris/  I’m also very happy that L’oreal Paris shared my blog-post! Click here if you want to read the post 🙂
In conjunction with Ms.Rosy & L’oreal Paris, I attended an event about their whitening range (thanks to Butterfly project) This is the Angelic Tea & Scone House @ Plaza Damas. Beautiful European-style tea house!

At the event, we learned a lot about Ms.Rosy! Of all the things I learned from her, I want to share the most important tip: How to be as beautiful as her! How? Simple, just use L’oreal Paris White Perfect range as below (day & night). 

We even get to try out the products! This is me trying on the product with the help of a helpful event organiser from L’Oreal! Too bad the picture was blurred *sniffs*
At the tea party event there’s a nail varnish corner, make-up corner, a hair corner, crafts corner, & finally a caricature corner!
This is the nail varnish corner. All the nail colours are exported straight from PARIS!


Then this is the make-up corner!
 This is the pretty make-up artist who will help each of us makeover into pretty babes!
 This is me vain as usual, taking non-stop piccas! Haha!
Then comes the hair corner! I didn’t have my hair done,  because I’m shy. Haha, so I just took photo of this lovely blogger being beautified by the hairdresser 🙂

What’s next? It’s the CRAFTS CORNER! Here, we are given accessories, beads,  glue & roses to open up our creativity! We can create any type of hair accessory we want!
 Look at me, trying to use the glue gun for the first time in my life!
Here’s all of us having fun! (photo courtesy of www.thechency.com)
Look at me, laughing hysterically! And other people looking like… “What’s wrong with this Diana girl?” 😛
Finally, done! This is the rose accessory I did!  Does it look good on me?
After pretty makeovers & crafts… we have SELCA time!! Snap snap away!
(photo courtesy of www.thechency.com)

And last but not least… caricature! In case you don’t know, caricature means a type of portrait drawing that mimicks you in a cartoon or exaggerated manner! Here’s me in the process of being drawn by the artist (photo courtesy of lovely Laura from Butterfly Project).
This is the process I captured 🙂
Does the drawing look like me? 😛
Anyhow, besides than that, there’s FOOD! Yes, a blogger party is never complete without good food *winks* Since this is a vegetarian tea house, we’re served vegan food. We got varieties from yummy green curry to pies, as well as scones & sweet pastries!

What a wonderful day indeed! And best of all, we were given a goodie bag of sponsored products from L’oreal Paris White Perfect range~ Since I’m already a long time user of them, I find these products more useful than ever!

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