Skull Island Party @ Zouk, KL

Once again it’s the weekends and there’s no other better than partying & good food!

On Saturday, I went to Halloween party at Zouk, KL.

Here’s a formal invitation to the party! Wuhoo ^.^

Cordially invited to the party, I was beyond ecstatic & went on a rampage search for suitable costume for the night. What should I be?

In the end… I found an old apron from my grandma’s chest *literally* and decided i shall be a kitchen maid!

Trick or Treating with le sexy pirate zombie!

Some shows outside Zouk, prior to partying wuhoo*

And here’s when the party begins *gleeful smiles*

Party goers! My favourite is the chinese vampire!Oppa Zouk Style!

Ginosaji…. the spoon killer!Sascha Baron Cohen’s GENERAL ALADEEN!

And not to forget… one of my party friends brought cake!
I don’t which of them is the birthday girl
*because over 30 people actually mingled at our table, all friends of friends, lol*

Anyhow, it was a great night & I went home a happy, dizzy, tipsy maid.

Have a happy Halloween, peeps!

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