I have always been a sucker for outdoor activities (wall-climbing, cycling, paintball, basketball, kayaking, etc). So you can imagine my joy when Nuffnang contacted me for a sponsored trip to play at Skytrex @ Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam. Wuhoo, I’m so happy!

#SELCA time before the adventure#
This is me getting ready for the Skytrex (without makeup)
#Diana & Cute Charissa#
#Diana & Kimberly#
#Sue & Diana#
#Light refreshments prepared for us#
#Everyone taking a break before the adventure! Wuhoo#
#All geared up for the adventure#
Look at the straps I’m wearing. Can you imagine how a guy looks like with tighter straps? Omg, hahahahaha *dirty minded me*

#We need to sign a declaration form, looks intimidating huh?#

This is the 2nd time in my life playing at Skytrex. Although it’s been years, but I’ve never forgotten the thrill and excitement of it. Not sure what Skytrex is all about? Well, you will find out soon in the photos below *drumrolls*

Now before we really go on the adventure, we are all required to do some training (safety first!) After some basic training, starts the adventure!!
#High up in the air! I was shivering when taking this pic… can you imagine I am looking down at the camera about 200feet below#
#Flying Fox! My butt is so big… omg#

It was quite scary in the beginning, climbing up high high squeaky stairs that’s quite slippery. And walking on shaky thin planks with nothing but trees below you. However, it’s good adrenaline & my favorite is the flying fox *love it*
#Everyone sweaty & messy after the game#
Each of us also got a certificate of survival! WE SURVIVED THE GAME *giggles*

I am so tired after the game but guess what? My day is not over yet… Straight after Skytrex, I will be heading to Sepang for WE ♥ ASIA rave party! I brought clothes & makeup of course, I’m not gonna go party wearing sweaty & smelly clothes!
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Basically there’s two types of games under Skytrex… Big Thrill & Extreme.
Little me took part in the Big Thrill as it was less scary & there’s more flying fox (I LOVE FLYING). If you are the brave type who craves for more adrenaline & adventure, you might consider Extreme as it offers more dare-devil walks above the canopy!

For more information, please check out http://www.skytrex-adventure.com/

Some pictures in this blogpost credited to http://chesakinah.blogspot.com/ and Anne Caasandra *thanks*

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