Slimming Treatment with DR. KO – session 1

Belly & love handles or what we call spare tayar has been a life-long problem most people endure & sometimes even the skinniest people have the stubborn tayar around their waistline 😰  Thus, it’s not a hidden fact that such fat areas are most stubborn. WAIT, you must be thinking, “DR.KO focuses on skin only right? Why slimming?”
Here’s an interesting piece of news for you, DR.KO owns a slimming clinic, with advanced machines & a team of trained professionals to help patients lose weight.

Thanks to sponsors DR.KO Slimming Clinic and BTL Aesthetics, I’m reviewing a full-treatment (four sessions) to slim down my spare tayar using a machine called Vanquish.

Manufactured by BTL AESTHETICS from UK. It’s a non-invasive body contouring technology which incorporates “Selective Field Radio Frequency” to KILL fat cells without touching the body. Sensors built into the device “analyse” body fat and does ‘tuning‘ on the amount of energy the machine will deliver during each 30-minute session; which means, each treatment is like a ‘tailor-made’ slimming program made for every individual with different biological makeup.

TUning - Vanquish
Vanquish’s ‘tuning’ helps to make sure the releasing of accurate energy level to burn fat!

Vanquish heats skin surface up to 101 degrees & underlying fat up to 120 degrees. Although the heat is high, but don’t be scared! Research data from BTL showed that there are zero damage to the nerves, all layers of skin, hair follicles, muscles, or internal organs even after exposure to Vanquish machine’s high frequency heat. Thus, Vanquish is perfectly safe for the body, except for fat cells. Fat cells beware, Vanquish is coming to KILL you 😈😈
The session began with measuring my waistline with marker pen. Omg, looks like a baby bump 🙈 *no eye see*

My waistline measurement is documented before receiving treatments.

Honestly, I was actually afraid of the high temperature. I don’t want to end up with a roasted & tasty belly!!
After the session started, I’m not afraid anymore. I’m actually surprised that it feels cozy instead of hot. It just felt warm, like sitting near a fireplace. I don’t feel any uncomfortable heat at all, no scorching pain.  The heat is actually not as hot as some sauna places I went to 🔥

Talking is useless, seeing is believing. Therefore, I created a v-log in my YouTube channel (NoobieDiana) to document my slimming journey with Dr. Ko’s Vanquish treatment 👇

After my first experience with Vanquish, here’s my personal review…
VANQUISH - Verdict 1

For additional info:

Dr. Ko Slimming Clinic: https://www.facebook.com/koslimmingclinic

BTL Aesthetics: http://www.btlmalaysia.com.my/catalogue/aesthetic-medicine/

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