Talika Body Shaping Challenge: Bust & Backup 3D (WEEK 1)

Have you heard of TALIKA? If you haven’t, maybe this is a good opportunity to get to know better about it in my blog… because I’m going to try out a series of TALIKA’s products in a 30-day sponsored challenge (Thanks TALIKA Malaysia).
I felt that this challenge came in time as I am having problems with my body shape. You see, I tried to lose weight before this and I did (although not much differences) but my bust did became smaller & droopier 🙁 My confidence was of course lowered & I’m not used to my cup size dropping dramatically. Also, my rear end (buttocks) which used to be quite large, now became saggy due to weight loss. Anyhow, hope this challenge will help me regain my physical as well as inner confidence *smiles*

A short introduction about this challenge (to avoid confusion as to what I’m doing here):
TALIKA invited me to test a series of products such as;  Bust Phytoserum, Back Up 3D, Shaping Serum, & Zero Stretch Mark. As part of the challenge, I’m going to test the products’ effectiveness with week by week updates from me (the first-hand user).

This will be a 30-day challenge, and for this month I’ll start with the BUST PHYTOSERUM & BACK UP 3D!

Firstly let me introduce to the first product I’ll be testing:
Bust Phytoserum consisted of a plant based formula made from phyto-volumising complex composed of mangosteen, quince, sea kelp bioferment. Yes, our local maggis is actually a bust enhancing fruit! Now stock it up while the fruit season is here 😛
Anyways, I tried it on and as instructed I’m to massage a pea-sized portion on both my breasts in a circular motion.
Surely I can’t show you how I do it (that would be obscenely revealing), haha!
 Anyhow, I’ve tried it for a week from (7th July to 14th July 2013)… I can say that the first few things I love about the serum are;
1) The cooling effect on my skin
2) The natural smell; it is not too sweet smelling, but it smells like organic plants (I like it)
3) The soothing sensation; I don’t know how to explain, but I can feel that it seeps into my breast & making me feel very comfortable while massaging. It’s pampering 🙂
In just a week, it’s safe to say that I can feel differences. The difference I feel is that, my breasts are a little bit more supple. I’m so surprised by the quick reaction to the serum, that I’m excited to what awaits in the next few weeks to come *excited*

The second product I’m testing is the Back Up 3D for butt lifting.
Interestingly, this is the first ever product in the market that focuses on lifting the butt, making a butt shapely.
Tried the it Back Up 3D for a week  from 7th July to 14th July 2013… it’s safe to say that I did feel changes.
Similar to the Bust Phytoserum, I love the Back Up 3D for the cooling effect it has on my rear skin. However though, since my rear end (butt) has tougher skin and very stubborn cellulite; it might take time before I can feel the serum seeping through my skin (as compared to my soft & sensitive breasts’ skin). The difference that I can feel, is the slight tightening of my buttock’s skin. It feels amazing & I can’t wait to see the results in another week! 

This is only the first week, and I must say I CAN FEEL THE DIFFERENCES. Anyhow, stay tune to my blog as I will be back for another update on the progress of the serums on myself.

I promise you… THERE WILL BE MORE PICTURES TO SHOW PROGRESS in the next weekly update on my 2nd Talika Body Shaping Challenge blog-post*winks*

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  • haha I’m on this challenge too..day 2 now…love the scent lingering on the fabric of my cloth!

  • Me too, smells very natural right? Feels nice!