Talika Body Shaping Challenge: Bust & Backup 3D (WEEK 2)

If you’re wondering what this blog-post is about… here’s a refreshment from previous blog: http://dianababe.com/talika-body-shaping-challenge-bust-backup-3d-week-1/ Once again, thanks so much TALIKA, for the opportunity to try out TALIKA’s products in a 30-day sponsored challenge (Thanks TALIKA Malaysia).
SORRY for the delayed weekly update friends, because I was so busy with my radio job, TV shooting & emcee-ing (will update on those soon). Anyhow, the first week using the product was from time range 7th July to 14th July 2013. Right now in this blog, Imma updating on the progress of this product for the 2nd week trial from 21st July – 28th July. If you noticed, I did stop using it for few days after my first week, it’s because I was so busy with my work, I often go to bed late & forgot (sometimes) lazy to use. Wasted right? Next time, I must discipline myself to be more consistent *spank spank*

Now, let’s talk about the first product: Bust Phytoserum.
It consisted of a plant based formula made from phyto-volumising complex composed of mangosteen, quince, sea kelp bioferment. And what does this do? It makes my bust look nicer & bigger *winks*
Comparison time! Here’s my picture in the previous blog;
This is me in the 2nd week trial of the bust product…  certainly, I feel differences. And yes, if you really want to measure, I can feel it is rounder & slightly bustier when I touch myself (nothing wrong with groping my own chest, it’s just to test out the product’s efficacy. Lol).
Once again,  I MUST repeat that I love the serum’s soothing sensation because it’s cooling & pampering, to feel it seeping into my skin :) *massage massage*
Although I skipped a week of this serum, I ‘m amazed that it still works for my bust. The difference I feel in the 2nd week is that my breasts are more supple and firmer. But that’s not it. Apart from physical changes, this product too gave me a boost in personal confidence.
Well, here’s one of it—> feels great to see positive reactions on my fanpage! (https://www.facebook.com/dianababe.lee)

Okays, now for the 2nd week’s challenge review of the next product: Back Up 3D for butt lifting.
Same as the bust serum, I used the Back Up 3D for a week  from 21st July to 28th July 2013.
Similar to the Bust Phytoserum, I love the Back Up 3D for the cooling effect. Amazingly even after a week of not using it, I could feel my buttock is firmer! Well, there are no obvious physical changes to this product yet, that’s why I’m not posting photos of my buttock yet, but honestly, it feels firmer when I squeeze it. Yes… my squeeze my own buttock, don’t you? Hehehe *perverted giggles*
However, I believe there will be changes & when the physical change is obvious, I promise you pics of my rear end (not naked ones) Ok? 😛

Anyhow, this marks the end of my 2nd week challenge for Bust Phytoserum & Back Up 3D! I shall update the 3rd week challenge results real soon. In the mean time… do like TALIKA’s facebook page for more details @ https://www.facebook.com/TalikaMY


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