Talika Body Shaping Challenge: Bust & Backup 3D (WEEK 4)

Finally this is the 4th week of my body shaping journey! Once again, thanks TALIKA for the sponsored invitation to TALIKA’s body shaping challenge. This is the final review of my body shaping journey for the bust and buttock area! Here’s my blog about the final week trying out TALIKA’s product from 11th August– 17th August 2013.

To know about my previous progress on the product, here’s the links:
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The first product I’m gonna blog about is the BUST PHYTOSERUM!
Bust Phytoserum consisted of a plant based formula made from phyto-volumising complex composed of mangosteen, quince, sea kelp bioferment. Not only that this product enhances the suppleness of the breast, it also moisturized & made my breasts’ skin softer 🙂
Surely there’s results… this picture below is the 3rd week.

This is the 4th week of the serum usage!
Tadah…. seriously the serum works right? Love my new bust now *smiles*

How amazing, to feel my body is really changing! This is the first time how I realized that by only having achieved my dream bust size, can really lift up my confidence in life 🙂
Now for the next product is the BACK UP 3D SERUM!
This serum focuses on enhancing & lifting the butt, making a butt shapelier. It is one of the first products in the market that focuses on the buttocks. If you read my last blog post, you will know that my friends gave me a new nickname “CHINESE J-LO”.
Feels damn happy *dance dance*
This challenge was a great transition for me.
I was very insecure with myself, because since I’m not getting any younger, I find that it’s harder for me to maintain my body. It feels like I am loosing control of what matters to me most. Having an ideal body shape matters- most of you might feel that it’s not a life or death issue, but it is quite important for us girls. Do you know the feeling that when you walk out & you feel like everyone’s looking you? YES, you just feel that you can conquer the world (girls love attention that way!). Seeing that I have the ability to make myself look the way I wish to be… My self-esteem & confidence is back. I feel empowered with many more possibilities in my life!

Doesn’t it feel amazing to have such results? Surely you can only imagine… but here’s a chance for you to try the BUST PHYTOSERUM and BACK UP 3D SERUM!

Amazing news isn’t? To win yourselves a miniature bottle of the serum (either bust or buttock)… Click on my FB fanpage (https://www.facebook.com/dianababe.lee) to check out how to yourselves a bottle of serum!

Now, this campaign only lasts until end of this month & the best (most creative) entry will win! What you waiting for? Quickly click the link of my contest!
#this is a screenshot of the album  you should share#

Here, I wish you luck! Let’s achieve beautiful body together *winks*


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