Talika Body Shaping Challenge: Bust & Backup 3D (Stage1 Summary & Closure)

If you have been an avid blog reader of mine, you will read about TALIKA BODY SHAPING CHALLENGE series that I did for the past month. Basically  it is a sponsored challenge to try the effectiveness of Talika’s Bust Phytoserum and Back Up 3D for the duration of 4 weeks *heartfelt thanks to Talika Malaysia*
Confused about what’s going on? No worries, here I will summarize about my experience in better details. This blog-post intends to have a proper closure on my Talika Bust & Buttock challenge *hugs*

Let’s start with the Bust Phytoserum, shall we?  Anyway, this serum as the name has it, focuses on enhancing the beauty, size & suppleness of the bust.

Week 1:  
 In the first week, I didn’t see changes in the size of my bust but I can feel slight supple & tenderness.
Here’s my first week trial photo 🙂

Week 2: http://dianababe.com/talika-body-shaping-challenge-bust-backup-3d-week-2/
Here’s an excerpt & photo from my 2nd week blog that summarizes the difference in week2: “
…my breasts are more supple and firmer. But that’s not it. Apart from physical changes, this product too gave me a boost in personal confidence. Well, here’s one of it—> feels great to see positive reactions on my fanpage! (https://www.facebook.com/dianababe.lee)”

Week 3: http://dianababe.com/talika-body-shaping-challenge-bust-backup-3d-week-4/
Obviously, it made my bust smoother, perkier &… take a look yourself below 😛 Of course, I became more confident & heightened self-esteem! I start to believe that I can achieve a lot in life 🙂
Pretty much sums it all up right? Haha…
Week 4: http://dianababe.com/talika-body-shaping-challenge-bust-backup-3d-week-4/
This is my bust in the fourth week using the serum! Definitely, I feel sky-high in confidence, to feel that I am in control of the way I look 🙂

Now, for the Back up 3D!
 Basically, for the 1st until 4th week, there weren’t much pictures to keep track but I can say the changes are drastic. Imagine a chinese girl with an ass like this… LOL! Yes, it’s my buttock 🙂
And amazingly, I was nicknamed “Chinese J-Lo” by ALL my friends & colleagues. Imagine my feeling!

So far, this summarizes my journey with the Bust Phytoserum & Back Up 3D serum.
As I stated in my final week challenge blog post, This challenge made me a whole new person;

I was very insecure with myself, because since I’m not getting any younger, I find that it’s harder for me to maintain my body. It feels like I am loosing control of what matters to me most. Having an ideal body shape matters- most of you might feel that it’s not a life or death issue, but it is quite important for us girls. Do you know the feeling that when you walk out & you feel like everyone’s looking you? YES, you just feel that you can conquer the world (girls love attention that way!). Seeing that I have the ability to make myself look the way I wish to be… My self-esteem & confidence is back. I feel empowered with many more possibilities in my life!

Want to try out the fantastic serums yourself? Here’s a blog give away!
Here’s what you should do (refer to the screenshot below)… Now go like my Facebook fanpage (https://www.facebook.com/dianababe.lee) to join!There’s a slight mistake, it should be #TalikaBodyShapingChallenge. NO worries though, I already amended the mistake in my original album 🙂 This screenshot merely serves as an example 🙂


Now, my dear readers… this is not the end. This is only the FIRST STAGE. Yes, you got me right. There’s another body shaping challenege coming up!
In another 2 day’s time, I’ll blog about my first week challenge on the SECOND STAGE, which focuses on the Shaping Serum, & Zero Stretch Mark! THANKS TALIKA *hugs*

 What are they? Here’s some simplified explanations to make you remember their functions, before you get all confused in my next blog-post!

Shaping Serum = makes you slim
 Zero Stretch Mark = erases those ugly stretch lines away
 Till then… wait for my SECOND STAGE Body Shaping Challenge… in another 2 days’ time *kisses*

 Want to see more? Type #TalikaBodyShapingChallenge in FACEBOOK and you’ll see many other reviews on this challenge too!  


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  • what if I tell you i’m just here for your photo?nhey girl.. *wink wink*

  • Thanks for the compliment 😛

  • lol for comments from your male fan. haha

  • Hey diana. I wanted to ask, how is the end result? Seems like week 3 is better than week 4? Can u upload a clearer view for us to refer? Thx

  • Hello hello~ sometimes it’s individual differences & it also depends on the diet. It’s way past & I didn’t take more photos in the past, couldn’t show you more difference now *sorry* For more reviews, you can check out #TalikaBodyShaping categories under their FB page. Thanks so much for reading my blog!