TALIKA BODY SHAPING CHALLENGE: Shaping Serum & Zero Stretch Mark (WEEK 2)

This is my update on the second week of my #TalikaBodyShapingChallenge from 22nd Sept – 30th Sept! Sorry for the late update, because I was so busy with my thesis & book writing (yes, I’m a soon-to-be-novelist). Having only 4-5 hours of sleep per day, it pretty much sums up why I’m lagging in my blog-writing *apologizes* I was thankful though, because even though I find no time to exercise, Talika is helping to manage my weight; perfect for busy urban girls like me!
Anyhow, for anyone of you who wants to know how I was doing in the first week: http://dianababe.com/talika-body-shaping-challenge-shaping-zerostretch-week1/
I applied the Shaping Serum on my belly, arms & inner thighs. This product is different from the others because not only it works as a serum itself; it also uses natural energy to enhance cells to work more efficiently (faster in breaking fat pockets). It is similar to the concept of photosynthesis in plants!
Anyway, what did I achieve in the 2nd week?
The size of my tummy, arms & inner thighs didn’t become small & flat immediately on the first week. However though, I did see some firmness! In the second week, the size seemed to be smaller! Now, let me do some comparisons with the inches…
(no photos yet, because it’s not THAT obvious to the eye but when I measure it, there’s differences)!
And yes, I know I have a meaty body as the measurements are kinda big… hmm ok 🙁
Week one: 9 inches
Week two: 8.7 inches

Week one:  25.6 inches
Week two: 25 inches
Week one: 19 inches
Week two: 18.6 inches

Then comes the Zero Stretch Mark serum! I’m not trying this product on my skin, because I don’t have stretch marks. However though, I’m trying it on my sister. She developed stretch marks due to pregnancy, so I let her join in the #TalikaBodyShapingChallenge bandwagon with the Zero Stretch Mark serum!
My sister is not too willing to let me share pictures of her belly, but I can tell you that it did help her. But I’m in the process of persuading her, haha. Hopefully she let me take photos of her belly soon 😉
#me & my sister#
On the first week, she said “I can feel my skin is moisturised and the surface of the stretch marks feels smoother & less rough on the edges!
For the 2nd week when I ‘interviewed her’, she said, “The stretch marks became less pinkish & obvious! My husband sees the difference too.” Well, what happen next I don’t want to know *winks* Haha, but it does show that my sister is happy with the serum.

To know more about the Shaping Serum & Zero Stretch Mark, as well as their Light shaping technology… here’s a perfect chance!
They are having a TALIKA YOUTH THROUGH LIGHT WORKSHOP. Do join to know more as there are beauty experts there! It is happening on the 26th of October, so be quick *it’s first come first serve*

Week 3 challenge results of me & my sister will be up soon! Sorry for the delay again, I’m still trying to get more sleep!

For more details, do like https://www.facebook.com/TalikaMY or you can type #TalikaBodyShapingChallenge in Facebook for more reviews!

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  • Such a fun read! It’s awesome that you experimented this product with your sis! <3

  • It’s fun doing girly things with your girlfriend but its triple the fun when you’re doing it with your own sister. Looking forward for your next post 🙂