TALIKA BODY SHAPING CHALLENGE: Good Food & Beauty Meets (Shaping Serum & Zero Stretch Mark: WEEK1)

Previously, I was invited by TALIKA Malaysia for a Body Shaping Challenge with the Bust Phytoserum & Backup 3D serum. It was the Stage 1 challenge, and I was more than happy to get intended results! Please check out my new transformed body here: http://dianababe.com/talika-body-shaping-challenge-end/

When Stage 1 challenge with Bust Phytoserum & Backup 3D serum was completed, we had a Blogger meet up to share our experience using the Bust Phytoserum & Backup 3D serum! TALIKA arranged to meet us all in a wonderful café  bar called Acme Bar & Coffee for brunch!

Look at all the happy bloggers! Saw some familiar faces? 🙂

Surely, there’s coffee & tea! I love my life *winks*
Here’s what I had for brunch @ Acme Bar & Coffee.
Coddled Eggs with Sourdough bread! 

Inside the coddled eggs, there’s snails wrapped in duck bacon! I’ve never tried  duck bacon in my life, not to mention snails soaked in eggs! What a new experience!

More choices available in the breakfast menu, check it out here: http://acmebarcoffee.com/breakfast-menu/
 Anyway, quite heavy for the first meal of the day right? NO worries, because we are starting TALIKA’s Stage 2 of Body Shaping Challenge, all thanks to TALIKA MALAYSIA *throws confetti*
And yes, it involves slimming my tummy! Therefore, I can eat more than I should 😛

So, comes the part of this blog-post which I will introduce what the 2nd Stage of TALIKA body Shaping Challenge is about! Alike previous challenge, I was suppose to try-out TALIKA’s products for a month. This time, I’ll be going through the challenge with the SHAPING SERUM & ZERO STRETCH MARK serum.

Let me introduce the first product I’m trying…  SHAPING SERUM.
This product aims to reduce orange skin,  slow down the build-up of fat cells & uses light (theory of photosynthesis  when light is used as an energy) to help us prevent more fat growth.

I had the products since August 31st, but I haven’t got the chance to try them out because I developed rashes before I can even open the product (due to my sensitive skin with some food or clothings I guess?) and I was so sad when the doctor advised me not to use any thing my skin for a week! However, when my skin was better & by 14th, I was so glad I can finally use TALIKA’s serum! The only regret is, why did my stupid skin had to develop rashes & delay my body beautiful journey? *sighs*
Anyhow, due to my skin issue, I only managed to start on the 14th September (1st week: 14th until 20th Sept) I applied the Shaping Serum on my belly, arms & inner thighs. These 3 areas had been storing the stubborn fats that refuse to leave me for years! They are even more loyal than any lovers can be, please go away fat!
Anyway, what do I get after a week?
The size of my tummy, arms & inner thighs didn’t became small & flat immediately, because it’s only the first week. HOWEVER, I can feel changes in my skin’s texture as well as firmness –> my fat areas became firmer in just a week! Amazing right? This is a great progress, as the best success stories comes in gradual steps… right? 2nd week of the challenge will definitely give me more positive surprises *can’t wait*

Now let’s go into the  next product in the challenege… Zero Stretch Mark serum!

This Zero Stretch Mark is useful to erase away those stubborn visible marks on the skin! 

For this product, I am not going to use it myself because I do not have stretch marks. However though, I will use it on my sister as a challenge! My sister have problems with stretch marks on her belly, due to giving birth to my nephew. All it takes was ONE child to make her belly stretched with permanent marks and lines. She never get to wear crop tops again & she will never wear a bikini too. Therefore, I hope the Zero Stretch mark will really help my sister to regain her fashionista lifestyle & confidence in wearing her favourite clothings again. I let her try the serum from 13th September to 20th September as the first week (so as to easily monitored with my Shaping Serum progress together). From her honest testimonial, she said that;
I can feel my skin is moisturised and the surface of the stretch marks feels smoother & less rough on the edges!
Amazing testimony, right? Just feels so glad that my sister is getting what she need. It’s saddening to see a once confident lady to be less-confident; but now seeing my sister begins to feel hopeful with her body’s changes, it brings a contentment to my heart.

Anyhow, as a conclusion to 1st week’s challenge–> FINALLY I can tame my stubborn fat areas to be less jiggly & be firmer. Also, my sister felt positive changes on her body’s stretch marks. 

I’ll be back next week with the progress of the week2 challenge with me & my sister! For more details of the products, do like https://www.facebook.com/TalikaMY or you can type #TalikaBodyShapingChallenge in FB and you will see other blogger’s reviews on these products too!


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