Be Beautiful this Christmas with TALIKA BODY SHAPING CHALLENGE: Week 4 (finale)

Hihi! Christmas is around the corner & what’ll you get for your loved ones? We know it’s easier to get presents for a boy/man as they usually need wallet, watch, tie or simply a new play-station game! However, how about your female loved ones (mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, or even female BFF)? It’s gonna be boring if you keep buying the same things every year like chocolates, accessories, etc. What if this year, you get your loved ones a very special & long-lasting, meaningful gift: BEAUTY & CONFIDENCE. Yes, beauty & confidence is the best gift a woman can get.
TALIKA Body Shaping program is a good choice, because since it’s a holiday month & it’s all about self-indulgence! Therefore, weight maintenance is the most important thing every lady needs. This program consists of home self-maintenance by using products from TALIKA (Shaping Serum & Zero Stretch Mark). TALIKA’s serum is different from others, as they consist of natural ingredients that will work better with the help of Photo-Beauty Therapy. This therapy is just like the concept of photosynthesis; the products’ efficiency can be enhanced using a free natural energy; LIGHT.  Also, it works better because the serum-based texture allow our skin to easily absorb the products into our skin (smells good too).

Now, before I go on belaboring about why you should get TALIKA as the choice of everlasting beauty gift to your loved ones, why don’t you look at the amazing results TALIKA has done to me? I’m updating my final week 4 result (10th Oct – 17th Oct) on the #TalikaBodyShapingChallenge & also summarize the overall results of the challenge from day 1 (week1-week4). What is this challenge all about? It’s a 30-day challenge to try out Talika Body Shaping Shaping Serum & Zero Stretch Mark. 

 Let me tell you, from the weeks of using the Shaping Serum I keep seeing results.

However though, do keep in mind that if you keep binge eating & become lazier, because you think you have a miracle serum… please, don’t abuse your body like that. The TALIKA serum will help us keep fit, but we also need to control our habits. If you’re gonna eat non-stop or live an unhealthy lifestyle, nothing is going to help you lose weight (unless you go liposuction, duh). For me, I watch what I eat (although I do eat chocolates sometimes to de-stress) while using the products. The numbers below is a proof of the amazing results I get: 
ARMS (for photo proof, click here)
Week one: 9 inches
Week two: 8.7 inches
Week three: 8.2 inches
Week four: 8 inches

Week one:  25.6 inches
Week two: 25 inches
Week three: 24.6 inches
Week four: 24.5 inches

INNER THIGH (for photo proof, click here)
Week one: 19 inches
Week two: 18.6 inches
Week three: 18.1 inches
Week four: 17.9 inches

Curious what’s in the Shaping serum? It’s nothing toxic I assure you & here’s the list of active ingredients if you’re wondering;

Amazing right? Now let’s look at what the Zero Stretch Mark did for my sister 🙂 As I mentioned before, I do not have stretch marks, so my sister will be my specimen in this challenge *ngek ngek ngek*

This is me & my sister (an old photo). I’m kinda sad, because I found out me & my sister seldom have SELCA together and this is the best SELCA of us I can find 🙁 I must appreciate her more, take more photos together! My sister was my sole confidant, the one who always listen to my silly stories & the one who will risk her everything just to see me happy. I don’t know how to repay her, but now seeing her confident & happy with herself; it’s the best gift I can give her *hugs*
Well well, what’s my sister’s verdict of using the Zero Stretch Mark for 4 weeks?
This is what she got from previous weeks “… her belly is now moisturised and marks are visibly decreasing!”
Finally, here’s photo proof she’s willing to share with us (she’s always shy, so please appreciate my sister’s generosity to show all of you her progress. I love her so much).
 I don’t need to say much, isn’t it? Pictures mean a thousand words! And if you’re wondering how the stretch mark serum works, below is a detailed description of the serum’s mechanism:

PS: If you want to read about my previous week reflections on the products, here are the links: first week:http://dianababe.com/talika-body-shaping-challenge-shaping-zerostretch-week1/  and second week http://dianababe.com/talika-body-shaping-challenge-shaping-serum-zero-stretch-mark-week2/ as well as third week http://dianababe.com/talika-body-shaping-challenge-shaping-serum-zero-stretch-mark-week-3/

I’m loving my body *ooh la la* Hopefully TALIKA  will help you love your body too 🙂 For more details, do like https://www.facebook.com/TalikaMY or search #TalikaBodyShapingChallenge in Facebook.

 Before I end, do you know TALIKA also has products that helps you achieve beautiful bosoms & bottom? Check it out here: http://dianababe.com/talika-body-shaping-challenge-bust-backup-3d-week-1/

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