TIGER RADLER: Double Refreshment [ADV]

What is Tiger Radler? It’s a brand new beer-variant that’s infused with zesty lemony taste! It’s superbly refreshing & crisp! Containing all natural lemon juice as its main ingredient, Tiger Radler is a perfect beverage for a quality time with family & friends. Most amazingly, Malaysia & Singapore has the privilege to be the first countries in Southeast Asia to launch Tiger Radler! Don’t miss out this brand new lemony taste as Tiger Radler has already been a great popularity in Europe for the past few months!

In conjunction with the launch of Tiger Radler in Malaysia, I was invited by Nuffnang to the party. Such an honour, to be one of the few Malaysians given privilege to have the 1st taste of Tiger Radler! Wohoo!
#SELCA of me getting ready to party#

Finally reached the place! Tiger Beer party begins! This is the scene I imagined during the speech at the launch, haha 😛
 Well well well… what do we have here, unlimited Tiger Radler to drink until I drop! Heavenly~

 Of course, party is not complete without meeting dear blogger babes & have fun together!

#Me & Laura Ashley#

#Sassy Sandy & me#

#Vivian & me#

There’s also performances! Check out this video I recorded *dance dance*

There’s also endless buffet served with Tiger Radler beer!

We had fun talking, eating & drinking Tiger Radler together 😀 Ultimate relaxation!

What’s my verdict for Tiger Radler beer?
To be honest, I rarely drink beer because normally other beers is too strong for me (and makes my tummy bloat).  But I really love drinking this beer, as it contains only 2.0% alcohol and tastes sweet. For the first time in my life, I drank 3 bottles of beer straight 😛

For more info of the TIGER RADLER’s DOUBLE REFRESHING beer do check out: http://mydoublerefreshment.com.my or Facebook page www.facebook.com/TigerBeerMY

Hashtag: #TigerBeerMY, #mytigerradler and #mydoublerefreshment

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