So I came upon an ‘oil cleansing method’ that has been going viral on TikTok, with claims that it helped to ‘pull’ out oil plugs a.k.a sebum plugs that clog our pores (those tiny bumps sticking out your skin that look like small grains). Curious, I set out to try it for myself too!

What Do You Need?

Just 2 items you need: Oil and face towel (soaked in warm water).

tiktok oil cleansing

You can either use cleansing oil OR essential oil. For a quick and easy method, many of you might want to purchase a good cleanser oil to do the job. I’m using essential oil instead because a good friend gave one to me – so I didn’t have to spend a dime (thanks Am)! If you’re using essential oil directly on your face like me, don’t use undiluted essential oil.

It could cause irritation and on some cases, rashes. Essential oil that will be used directly on the skin (such as facial or massage) should be diluted with lotion or carrier oil (jojoba, argan, avocado, etc.). Dilute following the 2% rule: 12 drops of essential oil in every 30 ml of lotion or carrier oil.

Steps for TikTok oil cleansing

tiktok oil cleansing
Be gentle and do not rub your skin too hard. Also, try to do upward strokes (to prevent skin sagging). The ideal time is 20 minutes, but I overdid 30 mins – because I was too engrossed with a podcast in listening to) 😛
tiktok oil cleansing
When done, wipe your face clean with a towel soaked in warm water. Also, be super gentle!

Verdict for TikTok oil cleansing:

tiktok oil cleansing
All the oil plugs and whiteheads that are ‘pulled’ out of my skin! I can’t believe I’ve been living with such dirt hidden in my skin all these while *eww*.

So based on my results, my verdict is that the TikTok oil cleansing method really works for me. However, I’ve seen a lot of online testimonials that state it didn’t work so well for them, so I guess it depends on different individual’s skin condition. I naturally have ‘combination skin’, and sometimes gets oilier when the weather’s humid (KL’s been crazy hot and humid lately) so that’s why I tend to have more oil plugs and whiteheads.

Would you give this TikTok oil cleansing a go? Please update me if you do, as I’d really wish to know if you have the same results too!


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