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I always wanted to post about this… finally I got the time now. A while back, I was casted for DIVA channel’s shooting. It’s been some time since I went for a shoot, so I was glad that I get to relive the fun of acting ?
I had to wake up at 6am to go to the shooting venue *yawns*  Wet hair & swollen eyebags, I must wear shades ?
  Then arriving at Taman Botani, it’s makeup time!

We went for wardrobe fitting, and I was glad that although I gained weight, I still can fit into the clothes XD #macamyes #successkidmeme

After an hour later (yes, the makeup took about an hour, you can imagine how terrible I must have looked before dolling up) the hairdresser did my hair! I LOVE IT :*
 All board the van! Me and other actresses of the day! I think you should recognize them, they’re always on TV or print ads 😉

Time to start shooting under the HOT HOT sun!
Blurry photo… because I’m using front cam for this shot. How come I look wider too? Haha, damn lens

I wish I had time to take more photos during this scene, but we’re all soooo busy!
Luckily for the next scenes (below) I have a friend who help me take more behind-the-scene pics *thanks*

Time to shoot with another wardrobe, I love this outfit they gave me 😛

Hair & makeup time!

Shooting time… rolling camera! It’s quite tensed though, because we’re shooting in a shopping mall, everyone… young to old is looking at us!
More shooting…

 And then… time to shoot in the busiest place! I was nervous because I’m the only one chosen in this scene, I ALONE have to act in the crowdy flea market street. I had to try a few takes, but the director was patient & kind enough to show me directions. So grateful 😛

 Here you go, a snippet of the ad

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