Valentine’s Day Dinner Surprise!

So for this year’s Valentine’s day, bae asked what do I wish to have. Well, I did crave for Risotto and one of my favourite places to go was LA RISATA restaurant ? which is DEFINITELY gonna be expensive on Valentine’s Day.

Not falling for the once in a year time of corporations making extra bucks from unsuspecting love-birds (seriously, why do people still for this?) I’ve decided that my man’s not gonna be ripped off just because I wanted to ‘feel’ special, just on this day.

Real-life footage of corporations eating couples’ hard earned money on Valentine’s Day.

So instead of going out, I’ve simply told him I didn’t want to celebrate the day & we’ll just stay in with a simple meal… while in actual fact I’ve prepped a surprise for him ? Ngek ngek

So before he’s home, I rushed to make these…

Appetizer is bruschetta toasted with feta cheese, chopped tomatoes, fresh parsley, and olive oil infused with herbs… served atop of fresh lettuces ????

Entree is mushroom Risotto with seared butter scallopss ?
First time attempting Risotto and it’s more challenging than I thought… As it ended up being a lil‘ mushy than what a good risotto should be. Well, I hope I’ll improve better next time 🙂 
Dessert is Parfait made with Milo cereals (since he’s a fan of Milo)!
Served with sparkling juice ?
It was tiring… but seeing his happy face is worth it!

And even fellow 9-gaggers are pleasantly nice about it too, thanks… here are potatoes for you ????

Later in the week though, he insisted on bringing me to dinner at LA RISATA restaurant for post-Valentine’s! So in the end, I got what I was craving for anyway, while he gets a surprise ?

What a handsome face :3

Till then, hope you had a great Valentine’s Day! Thanks for reading 🙂


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